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KLS Transportation Services Drives Pepsi Summer Beats Concert Series in Los Angeles

June 26, 2012

LOS ANGELES, June 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The premier Los Angeles limousine company, KLS Transportation Services, Inc., has been selected as the official transportation provider for an exciting event brought to you by Pepsi. They’re preparing to mobilize the VIP guests at the extravaganza that will launch an exciting series of musical performances. Entitled “Live for Now,” this event marks a multi-faceted effort to integrate the brand into pop culture consciousness. “Live for Now” has already begun to make music a pivotal selling point for its new image; its recent flagship commercial features Nicki Minaj and her single, “Moment 4 Life.” Now, Pepsi is partnering with Twitter and Billboard to put on the “Summer Beats Concert Series,” a multimedia-centric group of music performances across three cities, and with the country’s top-selling pop performer, Katy Perry, involved, it’s going to be a big production.

The versatile KLS was the natural choice for event transportation at the launch. They’re known around Los Angeles (and around the country) for their ability to transport massive groups as luxuriously and nimbly as they do individuals. KLS will be providing the event with airport greeters, and will be performing over 160 airport runs in the course of one day.

Before going to Nashville and New York City, the Summer Beats Concert Series will launch in Los Angeles on June 26th. The event will be broadcast live on Pepsi’s Twitter page and will allow viewers and social media followers to shape certain aspects of the show in real time. Katy Perry will be performing in conjunction with the run-up to her upcoming film, Part of Me. KLS will have its hands full thanks to the extremely high profile of Perry, and the many other VIPs involved.

KLS is running all transportation services for the entire event. The business has offered “Worldwide Transportation with a Direction Since 1998,” and continues to expand its reputation for limo service in Los Angeles. The momentum behind the “Live for Now” corporate movement is energizing for all involved, including KLS. The professionals at KLS realize that this is an opportunity to show off the qualities that have made them thrive all of these years: their highly trained chauffeurs, their beautiful and luxurious fleet, and their dedication to providing top-notch, unforgettable experiences.

The success of the Summer Beats Concert Series will surely determine the future of the “Live for Now” campaign. According to Reuters, between $500,000,000 and $600,000,000 is being spent to promote Pepsi’s new branding as a cultural signifier in the musical pop culture. If the Twitter/Billboard co-sponsorship fails to produce satisfactory results, then Pepsi could have to rethink their corporate partnerships. Luckily, KLS has the reliable limousine service Los Angeles trusts to effectively transport the key players to the event. Performers, important crew members, and executives all have to arrive promptly to ensure everything behind the scenes runs smoothly.

Services from KLS are for all events from weddings and galas to corporate gatherings. This includes large celebrations and concerts with crowds and red carpets, small meetings, or even individuals or date nights. KLS is for anyone who needs the best in luxury transportation.

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