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K12 Kit Launches Cloud Based Communications and Publishing for Schools

June 26, 2012

WORCESTER, Mass., June 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — K12 Kit launched a new cloud based communications platform today enabling schools to safely communicate, collaborate, and publish media in order to safely educate and build a strong learning community. Every school deserves access to safe, state of the art communication tools to engage and educate students as well as build community. K12 Kit provides schools with cloud based tools for the classroom, school newspaper, yearbook, sports, clubs, fundraisers and study groups.

Students live in a computerized world and have grown up creating and consuming media. Schools have been challenged to keep up. While educators are held responsible for the online safety of their students, they are rarely provided with the tools necessary to do so. K12 Kit facilitates a shift where schools can employ web-based communications to educate students on how to appropriately use social media tools, and understand potential risks, while building community, keeping parents informed, maintaining alumni relationships, and raising funds.

“The K12 Kit team worked very hard to develop this platform and make it available for all schools,” said Steven Rothschild, CEO. “With K12 Kit students can communicate and publish using state of the art technology, while administrators can teach and monitor activity.”

“Previously swamped with printed notices and email from over 60 teams, clubs, and organizations,” said Marc Fine, Teacher and Yearbook Advisor at Shrewsbury High School. “K12 Kit centralized the communications of our school.”

K12 Kit is a secure and moderated platform with features including student profile pages and private document lockers; classroom management tools; a school newspaper capable of being published online or in print; a collaborative yearbook publishing platform with online and print; dedicated zones for sports teams and clubs to share rosters, schedules, results, and multimedia highlights; fundraising capabilities such as online advertising and an e-commerce school store; and a school wide calendar listing all upcoming events.

About K12 Kit

K12 Kit provides cloud-based communications for middle and high schools, enabling every school to have its own private, secure, and moderated social network and publishing platform. K12 Kit is available free or at a minimal charge. Learn more at http://www.K12Kit.com


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