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Your Workplace Environment Could Use a Blast of Fresh Air

June 27, 2012

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., June 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — A new product is on the market that offers, literally, a blast of fresh air for cleaning electronics and other dusty items. Called the O2 Hurricane, the canless air system is a cordless, rechargeable device that is safe for people in the workplace and the environment.

“It just uses the air we breathe,” said company CEO John Scherer. “O2 Hurricane electronically compresses the air and blasts it onto the surface or object being dusted. No harmful chemicals are used. The big difference between so-called canned ‘air’ is it has a warning label. The 02 Hurricane doesn’t need one because it uses only air.”

Scherer said canned air is really a dangerous and potentially explosive mix of various gases. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, canned air is classified as hazardous waste. Other dangers exist from inhaling fumes from the gasses inside.

The O2 Hurricane, which is almost 8 inches tall and weighs just 14 ounces, is portable and rechargeable. The unit can be recharged 500 times. Its continuous run time on one charge is 18 minutes, which equals more than 25 cans of canned air.

It can be used to dust computer equipment and other electronics, cameras, blinds, collectables, and anything else that gathers dust in the workplace or at home.

This product is already getting positive reviews. Al Lewis of Dow Jones Newswires described O2 Hurricane “as a blast.”

“Good Morning Arizona” called the O2 Hurricane “a safe, eco-friendly alternative to canned air.”

A prototype of O2 Hurricane was made in 2011 and Scherer started selling the product in March 2012. So far all sales are conducted online, but retailers are expressing interest.

“It’s been received with open arms and that’s a phenomenal thing,” he said. “People want a replacement for canned air.”

Scherer started the company in 2011 and then redesigned, reconfigured and renamed the device. The O2 Hurricane is manufactured in the United States at a plant in Tucson, Arizona.

The O2 Hurricane sells for $79.95 plus shipping and handling, which Scherer said is economical for anyone who would otherwise buy large quantities of canned air.

Each O2 Hurricane canless air system comes with a 110-volt wall charger. Included are straw-like attachments to reach the tightest and smallest of corners to safely clean dust away.

Lewis concluded in his column, “In any case, the O2 Hurricane seems like an easy sell. It’s green, it cuts costs and it’s made in America.”

For more information, visit www.canlessair.com or call 1-800-945-6498.

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