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JackpotCity Introduce The World’s Weirdest Casino Games

June 28, 2012

TA’ XBIEX, Malta, June 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Nowadays you’ll find all the casino favourites – blackjack, poker, roulette and
baccarat – online, on your mobile, on TV, as well as casinos up and down the country. But
casinos have offered up far more than just these casino staples over the years. Just as
online casinos are always looking to expand their games selection to attract new players,
traditional casinos have a long history of testing out new games on the casino floor too.
If you’re bored of the casino classics, JackpotCity [http://www.jackpotcity.co.uk ] offers
up some surprising casino games that never quite made it to classic status in the games

Belgian Birdsong

Over in Belgium, there’s one casino game that really ruffles feathers. In Belgian
Birdsong, players wager on real birdsongs. Birds are placed in separate cages and players
then place wagers on which bird they think will sing the longest, which bird will sing
loudest, and so on. The perfect casino game for nature lovers, at least you won’t have to
work out any complicated odds!


What started out as a childhood card game is actually still played on some casino
floors today. War is the simplest of card games – you’re dealt a card, the dealer is dealt
a card, and whoever holds the highest card wins. The aim is to win the whole deck, one
card at a time. In short, this game isn’t. If you have the time, the patience, and the
funds, you can play forever! While it might not be the most complex card game at the
casino, its basic premise inspired several casino classics.

Gerbil Roulette

Forget that bouncing roulette ball, in this game it’s a gerbil that decides whether
you win or lose with your lucky spin. Instead of a ball being dropped onto the spinning
roulette wheel, a gerbil is placed in a box at the centre of the wheel. Additional
numbered boxes are attached to the outer spokes of the wheel. The wheel is spun, the
gerbil is released, and whichever numbered box it then decides to scurry into is the
winning number. Gerbils aren’t the only rodents used in this crazy roulette variant -
rats, mice and hamsters are too.

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