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CAPE PAC Launches Political Ad Series, “Fact vs. Fiction”

June 29, 2012

CAPE PAC’s Latest Campaign Advertisement In Support of Mitt Romney for President

WASHINGTON, June 29, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Coalition of Americans for Political Equality PAC is launching a new video in their ad series called “Fact vs. Fiction” which is airing in select markets between now and mid-July, 2012.

The first ad, “Fact vs. Fiction: Bain and Solyndra,” focuses on this year’s presidential election in terms of the free market versus big government bureaucracy advocated by the presidential contenders. Click here to view the ad: www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=h5LaJc0Jkpk or visit: www.electmitt2012.org/

The organization hopes the videos will influence target swing states by focusing voters’ attention on crucial facts and the experience of Republican Presidential Presumptive Nominee Mitt Romney versus President Barack Obama using Bain and Solyndra as examples.

CAPE PAC’s Chairman Jeff Loyd said, “We decided on the ‘Fact vs. Fiction’ theme because we believe that the facts speak for themselves. The point of this series is to dispel the negative spin that is fed everyday to the American people, and inform voters about the core values and experiences that Mitt Romney brings to the table.”

“We’re advocating for a true recovery and restoration of America in the coming years, and we believe that Gov. Romney is the right leader to steer us back on course,” said Loyd.

A portion of the 30-second ad follows:

“There is no better example than Bain Capital versus Solyndra. Bain personally manages $66 million and they’ve invested in over 250 companies. Solyndra was a big government-sponsored environmental project that burned through $500 million in taxpayer dollars. In 2012, America needs to decide if they want the businessman who has generated billions or the president who has wasted trillions.”

Upcoming videos for the series “Fact vs. Fiction,” will focus on the positive records of former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz, U.S. Representative Allen West (FL), and U.S. Senator Dean Heller (NV). These videos will be targeting the specific states where these candidates are running for office. The videos supporting Mitt Romney for President will be released strategically in battleground states: Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Indiana and North Carolina.

CAPE PAC has run other campaigns utilizing high impact strategies on the Internet that included advertising and other mobilization tactics in support of chosen candidates and to raise awareness about races. “We’re pleased that millions of Americans were exposed to our positive campaigns to educate voters around the country about the stakes of this election and the qualifications of the candidates,” said Loyd.

The Coalition of Americans for Political Equality Political Action Committee (CAPE PAC) is a non-profit political organization dedicated to restoring conservative values in the politicians elected to represent all citizens of the United States of America. Through the utilization of tools in the CAPE PAC advocacy center, CAPE PAC aims to assist an informed and active citizenry in their drive for change in the political landscape this November and beyond.


Source: PR Newswire