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Sid Mallya Does ‘Moving Cover’ for Men’s Health: Comes Alive on iPad

July 3, 2012

NEW DELHI, India, July 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Men’s Health India has done it again. A few seconds after you download
[http://www.menshealthindia.in/digitalmagazine ] the MH’s July issue on your iPad, you’d be
treated to a visual surprise you thought was never possible in India: a shirtless
Siddhartha Mallya [http://menshealthindia.in/movingcover ] flexing his muscles like a
cover model, transforming into a handsome youngster in a full-fledged, formal suit. After
a first-of-its-kind ‘moving’ cover in November with Prateik, Men’s Health India has taken
the concept to another level with this July issue.

In a free-wheeling interview inside the magazine, Mallya Jr also bares his heart on a
wide range of issues close to him, from how he deals with hostile public perceptions to
his disciplined approach to fitness, his beliefs and much more. “Being in the position I
am in, there are always going to be those many more pairs of eyes watching and judging me
constantly. You have to take it all in your stride and not let it affect you. I never feel
under pressure. In fact, I use it more as a driving force to make myself better,” says
Sid. Among other things, Mallya Jr also talks about why he decided to run in the 2009
Mumbai Marathon, just nine weeks before race day. “Completing a marathon is a huge
achievement in its own right, so I knew people would respect the fact that I did it. But I
did it for myself and nobody else. I didn’t think about it from the world’s perception of
my point of view,” says he.

Men’s Health is India’s largest-selling men’s magazine, and was launched in the
country by The India Today Group in 2006. Internationally, it is the world’s largest
magazine in the men’s category as well. Along with its focus on the core topics of health,
fitness and nutrition, Men’s Health embodies the feel of a true lifestyle magazine with
sections on fashion, grooming, adventure, work, managing relationships and a surplus of
other ‘guy’ topics.

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