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BB. Contemporary Unveils Binary Existence Contemporary Art Exhibition

July 10, 2012

NEW YORK, July 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – BB. Contemporary presents BINARY EXISTENCE, a contemporary art exhibition curated by Natasha Ulyanov and Lindsay Sullivan. The opening reception will be July 12th at 6:00pm and includes artwork by a diverse group of emerging artists for a thematic exhibition based on ideas of identity, specifically pondering the duality of reality versus perception.

Bringing together stylistically disparate artists rooted in thematic similarity, BINARY EXISTENCE poses no answers, but intends to invite discussion and self-analysis of the pressures, illusions, and preconceptions of identity.

Featuring live drawing by artist Shantell Martin, the Upper East Side exhibition’s opening night will include artwork by Jess Larson, Anton Kandinsky, Dulce Pinzon, Lee, GanU, Yasmine Chatila, and Jin-Seob Yun. These accomplished artists explore how societal expectations of gender, status, and appearance, as well as historical and current cultural projections, shape public perception and self-identification.

About the Artists:

Jess Larson’s embroidered “flash cards” are a playful examination of the female identity and gender roles in the household and society.

Anton Kandinsky’s portrait duos are tongue-in-cheek commentaries on the positioning of celebrities, highlighting individuals desire to be someone else.

Dulce Pinzon’s photographs feature Mexican immigrants dressed as superheros while carrying out their daily jobs, challenging perceptions of significance and status in society.

Lee, GanU use hundreds of handcrafted Korean rubber stamps to create an abstract landscape of unique signatures to symbolize the historic cultural influences on identity.

Shantell Martin’s stream-of-consciousness black and white drawings of imaginary characters and landscapes echo the artist’s motto, “Be More, Do Less”.

Yasmine Chatila’s haunting photographs expose private moments of individuals through windows around New York City.

Jin-Seob Yun’s colorful sculptures examine the role of fashion and appearance as an outward manifestation of identity.

Work will be on display from July 12th through July 18th and private appointments will be available by request.

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