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MinervaPlace.com Beta Posts Dazzling 2-Month Results

July 12, 2012

LOS ANGELES, July 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Minerva Worldwide announced today that MinervaPlace.com has completed its beta phase and posted impressive numbers in important visitor metrics for user engagement, far out-pacing its more established competitors in the Health, Diet and Lifestyle categories. Results are tallied by Alexa, the Internet’s leading provider of global Web metrics.

“These proof-of-concept numbers far surpass our expectations,” says Minerva Worldwide CEO John Gustin. “We’re thrilled with the results, especially since we didn’t spend a single advertising dollar to drive traffic.”

According to Alexa, since its launch on May 7, 2012, MinervaPlace.com has averaged 3.8 page views per visitor, with the average time spent on the site (per user) totaling an impressive 5.22 minutes. These industry standard analytics are key performance indicators reflecting user engagement — the level of interest or involvement that a visitor has with a particular website.

The graph below provides a comparison against five popular, long-established Web brands for the same 2-month period:

                  Pages/User      Average Time
                  ----------      ------------
    Lifescript:              1.95              2.05
    -----------              ----              ----
    WebMD:                    2.5              3.25
    ------                    ---              ----
    HealthyWomen:             1.8              1.55
    -------------             ---              ----
    Fitness:                  2.8              3.05
    --------                  ---              ----
    Elle:                     2.9              2.46
    -----                     ---              ----
    MinervaPlace:             3.8              5.22
    -------------             ---              ----

Even at this very early stage, MinervaPlace’s key metrics are more than competitive with other comparable sites. In fact, the data is at least 30 percent more favorable, and in some cases more than 200 percent.

“User engagement equals value,” says Gustin, “and that’s the bottom line for us. These results are a testament to MinervaPlace’s relevant, engaging content. Clearly, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal.”

Minerva Worldwide’s internal data also indicate that MinervaPlace is being widely shared on popular social platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest. Based on the metrics, these new visitors to the site are not disappointed when they arrive, and large numbers are joining Minerva’s Facebook social page.

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