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‘To Catch a Cosmic Mockingbird’ Checkmates Stephen Hawking, Christianity and God. Where Do We Go From Here?

July 16, 2012

CALIMESA, Calif., July 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — First, the author confronts Hawking and his theory in GRAND DESIGN that the universe created itself. This suggests the immaculate self-conception of the universe in which it is miraculously mom, dad and child. Instead, with examples like Alexandrina Da Costa‘s not eating or drinking for thirteen years, Mr. Howard shows that sometimes the laws of physics are irrelevant. Further examples like the returns from death of Eben Alexander and Anita Moorjani show consciousness exists independent of the body. Is there also consciousness independent of the “body” universe?

Second, Martin Larson’s book The Story of Christian Origins shows Christianity is a jumble of ancient myths. Heaven and hell were invented by the Persians around 3000BC. The half-man, half-God savior who rose from death to save people from their sins was Osiris created in Egypt around 2700BC. Back then, Egyptians were eating their dead relatives out of respect. Being “born again” was cooked up by the ruling class to protect the mummification business. They needed whole bodies to mummify and cannibalism was eating into their profits. Real flesh and blood became bread and wine. Is there anything left to believe in? Is there anything called God?

Where do we go from here? Stanford cosmologist Andrei Linde said the definition of our universe will remain “fundamentally incomplete” until we include consciousness. Mockingbird is a blend of quantum physics, logic and paranormal experiences that reveal a new definition of the universe’s origins, humanity’s place in it, and how humanity relates to the dimensions beyond. Scientists found the Higgs God Particle. From personal experience, the author shows the energy needed so Higgs particles and atoms can combine. Without this energy – no mass, no universe.


As a private pilot, the author is working with EAA Young Eagles to expand its activities nationally. Succeeding actor Harrison Ford, current co-chairmen are Sully Sullenberger and Jeff Skiles who landed their jetliner on the Hudson River. Based on Young Eagles, the author is working to establish a network of aeronautics trade schools in high schools around the country like the fourteen already operating successfully in Kentucky.

In politics the author has begun what he calls the Second American Revolution to recapture America for “we the people.” With our two-party system broken, he says it’s time to stop being Republicans and Democrats and come together as Americans to recapture our country from all special interests. For many years, the author was a marketing professional. He owns a classic car restoration business and holds a patent for a spinal acupressure device. Along with decades of research, and guidance from his mentor, Mr. Howard spent the last year and a half completing To Catch a Cosmic Mockingbird. He lives in the mountains of Southern California.


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