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Digital Music Industry Expansion Points to Profits for Life Design Station International, Inc.

July 19, 2012

NEW YORK, July 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Life Design Station International, Inc. (OTC Pinks: LDSI) will capitalize on the music industry’s increasing reliance on the digital channel revenue stream with the introduction of Backstage Vibe(TM). The digital music market turned a corner in 2011 with an impressive 8 percent increase in digital revenue. Industry experts attribute the digital music market’s success to the introduction of innovative digital platforms that are accessible via multiple technologies; precisely what Life Design Station International (LDSI) has developed with Backstage Vibe(TM).

With its rich features and functionality, Backstage Vibe(TM) allows artists and producers to set their own pricing for digital singles and albums. In the U.S., digital sales channels account for 52 percent of market revenue. For record companies worldwide, digital music revenues generated an estimated $5.2 billion in 2011. Backstage Vibe(TM) is well positioned to capture a corner of this market.

While digital sales are expected to surpass physical album distribution at a rate of 55 percent versus 45 percent by 2016, Backstage Vibe(TM) will also provide an outlet for artists and producers to sell physical merchandise on the site including songs, lyrics, instrumentals or apparel.

Backstage Vibe(TM) will offer multi-tiered subscription options for increased access to features and tools and will receive a percentage of all items sold. In addition, the global social music platform will generate revenue through hosting events online to promote artists and will leverage its network to secure advertising revenue.

The timing of Backstage Vibe’s(TM) introduction into the music industry stage coincides with a change in consumer attitudes. The music industry is experiencing a modern shift in consumer behavior toward a greater acceptance of subscription-based music services. Music service subscriptions rose 65 percent in 2011 to 13.4 million worldwide. These subscribers are in addition to the millions who download digital music a la carte. An innovative global social music platform like Backstage Vibe(TM) serves to further the conversion of music fans to paying listeners and artists to entrepreneurs.

For a preview of Backstage Vibe(TM) or to pre-register to receive two months free, visit www.BackstageVibes.com.

About Life Design Station International, Inc.

Life Design Station International, Inc. (LDSI) is a music-inspired corporation. The Company empowers artists, producers and other music professionals to reach millions of potential customers. Life Design Station International, through its Internet-based division, develops and directs an innovative global social platform allowing artists from the U.S. and the world to interface collaboratively in order to promote, produce and sell their musical artistry. LDSI’s Backstage VibeTM provides a leading-edge, secure and user-friendly environment for the sale, distribution and securing of world talent from one source.

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