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President of Marbella University Publishes ‘Trilogy on Economics’ – Unveiling the ‘Biggest Scam in History’

July 23, 2012

MARBELLA, Spain, July 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Schellhammer, Founder and President of Marbella University, announces the publication of his trilogy on Economics, “a no holds-barred look and critical analysis to the deepest core of the established economic theories as preached by most business schools, colleges and universities around the globe”.

From Mankiw to Krugman and Colander, to McDowell and McConnell, to the underlying much deeper dimensions of human’s life and business realities, Dr. Schellhammer delves into the economic principles, formulas and ‘scientific’ theories with nano-precision and unbarred diagnosis.

“Whether you are a student, professor, business owner, unemployed or climbing the career ladder, a self-made entrepreneur or corporate CEO of a multinational, the insights into the world of Economics in Schellhammer’s new books are priceless,” says the University spokesperson.

Schellhammer states: “The trilogy on Economics is a must read for any business school student, university professor or global citizen that wants to understand the world we live in today and where our planet is heading tomorrow if a new understanding of Economics is not urgently integrated into politics, education and ultimately the business world.”

ECONOMICS I: Principles of Economics for Sustainable Development

The book ECONOMICS I unveils the dogma and ideology of the biggest scam in modern history that led to the degradation of humanity and the planet via “profits at all costs”. With a pioneering approach, the book provides the foundation for new principles of Economics for a Sustainable Development.

ECONOMICS II: Microeconomics for Sustainable Growth

The book ECONOMICS II delves into the key elements of microeconomics and their intricate relation to today’s financial crisis and the omnipresent destructivity exerted on humanity and the planet due to the compulsive obsession of “exploitation”. The intrinsic dynamic of microeconomics is uncovered: regicide and deicide.

The third book: ECONOMICS III: Macroeconomics for a Sustainable Roadmap

The book ECONOMICS III uncovers the key facts and figures of the state of humanity and the planet in relation to the macroeconomic parameters revealing herewith the systemic failures in economics, politics, education and religion – sealed with guidelines for macroeconomic policies of a sustainable roadmap.

The books are now available from Amazon. Business schools and Universities can place bulk orders via the publisher www.PioneeringEducation.com.

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