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Catalist and DSPolitical Announce New Partnership Bringing Cutting Edge Online Targeting to Progressive Community

July 24, 2012

WASHINGTON, July 24, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Catalist and DSPolitical today announced a partnership that will put the progressive community at the cutting edge of online targeting. Using Catalist Media Segments, progressive political marketers will have the ability to target specific online populations using the individual attributes of browser cookies. This ability to cross the offline-to-online digital divide marks the first time marketers have been able to target individuals online based on their actual offline political and civic behavior. The Catalist/DSPolitical offering is unique among media solutions because our data is based on billions of recorded political and civic actions on millions of unique individuals – not a best-guess estimate, or extrapolations from small panels of individuals.

This new dataset is only offered to progressive organizations and their strategists – and uses the trusted Catalist civic database to enhance the targeting capacities of progressive political campaigns, media consultants and strategists in order to reach key voters.

Catalist Media segments are designed in conjunction with leading progressive pollsters, modelers, and media buyers to identify the most pursuable targets for the 2012 cycle. The Media Segments are derived from Catalist’s most powerful models and make media buying across any channel integrated and targeted. Among the targets available for selection are: Voter Registration, Party Identification (Strong Democrat, Leaning Democrat, Non-Partisan, Leaning Republican, Strong Republican), Turnout (Low, Medium, High, Highest), Ideology (Strong Progressive, Weak Progressive, Moderate, Weak Conservative, Strong Conservative), Activist (Progressive, Environmental, Health Care), Gun Ownership, Religious Attendance, and other demographic variables.

“With this DSPolitical partnership, Catalist continues to work with innovative media partners to expand the utility of data across multiple channels,” said Laura Quinn, CEO of Catalist. “What further distinguishes our partnership with DSPolitical is that both companies serve Democratic and progressive causes exclusively,” says Gayatri Bhalla, COO of Catalist. “In this incredibly contentious election year, Catalist is further investing in the important innovations and systems to ensure continued success for our clients and partners.”

Now campaigns can buy online media efficiently and pay to reach only the voters and populations their candidate wants to reach. This affords progressive campaigns a new level of control and strategic implementation in their digital media campaigns than ever before.

About Catalist

Catalist operates as the data “utility” to support progressive organizations – large and small; local, regional, and national; advocacy, issue, and election focused. We compile, enhance, store and dynamically update person-level data for the entire U.S. adult population and provide the tools and expertise necessary to plan, analyze, and execute data-driven progressive programs.

As a unique national data consortium, Catalist provides an unparalleled combination of dynamically updated data from billions of actual individual civic behaviors collected from widely diverse sources synthesized into easy to use and potent variables for targeting your communications.

Premier Data – Unparalleled Depth, Breadth and Accuracy

Catalist maintains a 270+ million 50 state and DC database of voting age persons that combines the best in class commercial data with the most rigorous and thorough national voter file. Catalist is nationally recognized for the superior quality of its voter database, and has distinguished itself nationally for world-class database matching ability.

Our rich database offers the most comprehensive set of registered and unregistered adults with the most extensive vote history found anywhere. We carry data on more than 180 million registered voters, including their party registration, vote history, as well as other variables from official voter rolls, such as date of birth, registration date, race, and political geography. Unregistered adults are also carefully screened, and Catalist carries over 85 million unregistered adults. We then combine the best commercial, census, and specialty data available, producing over 700 fields of data for modeling and analysis purposes.

Catalist’s powerful matching algorithms underpin our ability to rapidly and accurately match data and has gained industry recognition. Catalist placed second in the 2011 MITRE Multi-Cultural Name Matching Challenge, competing against some of the largest and most respected data companies in the country.

About DSPolitical

DSPolitical LLC is the first voter targeted online advertising firm and the only firm that has matched hundreds of millions of individual browser cookies to the rich Catalist dataset. DSPolitical has made it possible for Democratic and progressive media professionals of all kinds to combine the emotional richness of television, with the targeting accuracy of direct mail and the interactivity of online. Advertisers can target specific voters through over 40 different demographic segments, thus maximizing the impact of their message as part of multi-channel media delivery strategies.

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