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Best in Congress Award Goes to Congressman Fattah

July 25, 2012

Philadelphia Representative is recognized for improving the lives of working families.

WASHINGTON, July 25, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-PA) is being recognized by Working Mother Media – which publishes the Working Mother Magazine – and Corporate Voices for Working Families for his accomplishments as a Member of Congress. Specifically, Fattah is honored for enhancing the quality of life through legislation that champions working families.

In addition to spotlighting Congressional excellence in supporting working families through legislation and advocacy, the Best of Congress award recognizes lawmakers who demonstrate their commitment on a personal level by actively promoting family-friendly policies for their own Congressional staff.

Congressman Fattah is profiled in the August/September 2012 issue of Working Mother magazine and at workingmother.com. His workplace policies are detailed by Corporate Voices, and will be promoted as practices to emulate in materials that will be provided to new members of the 113(th) session of Congress in January.

“I salute the millions of working mothers and fathers across the nation as they manage their jobs while caring for their children and their homes,” Fattah said. “Their determination to provide the best for their families is both admirable and commendable and I will continue to advocate on their behalf.”

Fattah continues to provide a leadership role in the 112(th) Congress to ensure working families have the resources they need to achieve their personal and professional goals. His focus on neuroscience and the creation of GEAR UP are both examples of this commitment.

The Philadelphia representative said, “As the architect of GEAR UP, I worked to make sure funding remains constant for the nation’s most successful early college awareness program. To date, 12 million kids have been served under GEAR UP and students currently enrolled are thriving as a result of the outstanding college preparation they receive.”

The Fattah Initiative on Neuroscience is a collaborative effort to coordinate all federal research and discovery related to brain development, disease and injury. Fattah said, “Neuroscience has touched every family in some way – from infants to seniors, early childhood development to degenerative diseases – this coordinated research will provide the avenue to dramatically improve the quality of life for millions of working families.”

“When we launched this prestigious recognition in 2008, we wanted to elevate the discussion and policy debate on working family issues, and we wanted to demonstrate that these are not partisan issues,” said Donna Klein, CEO and Executive Chair of Corporate Voices. “As the wide diversity of this year’s class shows, support for working parents can unite policymakers across ideological lines.”

“Most people don’t realize that our Congressional representatives each set their own policies for the staff they employ,” noted Carol Evans, president of Working Mother Media. “Those who allow their employees flexible work arrangements and paid family leave are leading by example. Working Mother wants all Senators and Representatives to provide exemplary support for their employees and their working mom and dad constituents,” she added.

SOURCE Office of Congressman Chaka Fattah

Source: PR Newswire