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A Gulf Business Survey Shows CEO’s in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Are the Top Earners in the GCC With Over 1.5 Million Dirhams Annually

July 29, 2012

DUBAI, UAE, July 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

A 2012 survey conducted by Gulf Business shows CEO’s from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
(KSA) top the money list with an average annual salary of 1.550 million Emirati dirhams
(US$422,280; US$35,190 p/m). The Gulf Business survey ranked the GCC CEO’s as follows;
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and finally Bahrain and
is based on CEO’s who are responsible for sales of more than $50 million. The survey
highlighted the additional ‘lifestyle premium’ as it is known in the recruitment industry,
for executives in KSA where the pack packets are supplemented with housing, travel and
allowances that inflate the salary giving it the number one slot.

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CEOs in Qatar earn AED1.467 million per annum (US$399,648; US$33,304 p/m) coming in
second in the Gulf Business survey. Arabic CEOs employed over the past year are commanding
a 10% premium in their salaries compared with Western Expatriates due to the demand for
Arabic speaking executives, particularly in infrastructure based industries.

CEOs who are residents in the United Arab Emirates fare slightly worse, although still
in the million-dirham bracket, at AED1,386,782 per annum (US$377,664; US$31,472 p/m).
Following on from the Dubai downturn, Gulf Business reports that “companies in the
Emirates have been struggling to calibrate their workforce and [as such] remuneration has
varied widely”. This is evident for CEOs who have remained in their positions throughout
this turbulent period, still commanding pre-recession salaries. Gulf Business further
reported, “It is now agreed in the recruitment industry that Dubai is exiting an 18-month
corporate consolidation phase, which has resulted in a more balanced supply and demand in
the field.”

Kuwait’s situation is in contrast to the top three countries for CEO earnings, where
the churn* rate in the market is surprisingly low. CEO’s salaries are still healthy at
AED1.333 million per annum (US$363,120), although without an active executive recruitment
market, pay rises will be minimal in the current climate.

Oman’s GDP growth is forecast to be higher than that of many developed and emerging
economies, which is good news for Oman’s executive wages. With annual salaries still over
the 1 million-dirham mark at AED1.222 million (US$344,952; 28,746p/m) the Gulf state is
considered to be the one to watch with reference to potential growth in the c-level
executive recruitment market.

With the unrest and negative sentiment remaining in Bahrain, CEOs salaries have seen
an increase (as can be seen in many industries requiring an expatriate workforce),
although salaries remain at the bottom of the GCC market. The recruitment industry are
finding it hard to place people into Bahrain due to the perception of the political
climate in the country, although this may have a positive effect on future salaries and as
companies work to retain the necessary skills for growth.

(*churn: the productivity in the market, in the sense that the typical job-to-job
moves also see a payrise)


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