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geneME®, world’s first and only customized DNA nutritional supplements company, signs with LCO-Levine Communications Office

July 30, 2012

LOS ANGELES, July 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — geneME®(www.geneme.me), the leading provider of personalized health, beauty and wellness products customized to each individual’s DNA, announced today that it has signed with award-winning Beverly Hills-based LCO–Levine Communications Office(www.LCOonline.com) as its official public relations firm of record. LCO will handle a myriad of responsibilities for geneME® including corporate and public communications, media outreach and management, and responsibility for existing and new product launches, amongst other tasks.

geneME® is the culmination of almost 20 years of research by a group of top physicians, scientists, and researchers who have harnessed the incredible breakthroughs in DNA research to create one of the first, and only, line of supplement products that are truly customized to the requirements of each individual’s DNA.

“The partnership between LCO and geneME® is one of two leaders in their respective spaces coming together for the betterment of the health and well-being of the human populace,” said Dany Sfeir, Chief Marketing Officer for geneME®. “LCO believes strongly in our mission to help consumers enjoy longer, happier, healthier lives and is committed to getting our message out to the largest possible constituency. We look forward to sharing our advances, developments and products in customized health and wellness with the public via the outstanding and award-winning public relations team at LCO.”

“geneME® is truly a company ahead of its time in terms of genetic testing, research and the products formulated from the same,” said LCO President Liam Collopy. “We are truly thrilled to be working with such a forward-looking company and making their extraordinary advances in customized healthcare available and known to the media and consumers alike.”

About geneME®
geneME®(www.geneme.me) is the culmination of almost 20 years of research by a group of physicians, scientists, and researchers who have harnessed the incredible breakthroughs in DNA research to create the first, and only, line of products that are truly customized. geneME® actually manufactures one-of-a-kind formulations to the requirements of each individual’s DNA.

GeneLink Biosciences, Inc. started with a vision. That vision is the belief that the solution to the growing healthcare dilemma in our country, and the world, isn’t more and more elaborate, expensive treatments and equipment-but a fundamental improvement of the health of mankind overall. A solution that delivers a better way to lower healthcare costs, with the greatest benefit – allowing more and more people to live longer, healthier, happier lives. Dr. Rob P. Ricciardi believed the solution to this dilemma lay in our genes. He understood that if we could fully understand how our genes functioned, how they regulated all of the myriad functions of our body, we could unravel the mysteries of health and vitality, and perhaps even the aging process, as well.

Among other things, this field of research led to an understanding of SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms), tiny variants in our genes that cause them to function differently from the norm. Some of these differences are not at all relevant to our health. For instance, some SNPs determine our hair color, or our blood type-these aren’t aspects of our physiology we normally give much thought to, because they don’t relate directly to our state of health. Other SNPs, however, have profound effects on various biochemical pathways. They may change the balance or production, or lack of production of key proteins-or regulate the way other processes in our bodies function. These proteins and functional changes, in turn, have long-term effects on how our bodies function and even how they age.

Today, after billions of dollars have been invested on developing the ability to test the human genome, science has finally progressed, through companies like GeneLink, to develop direct-to-consumer tests that can safely and cost-effectively identify key SNPs on your genes. Only GeneLink didn’t stop there. They developed the ability to match those SNPs on your genes with key nutrients that would offset, mitigate, or bypass the effects of those SNPs, so that products could be formulated exclusively for your unique genetic makeup – from your very own, personal, genetic information! And that brings us full circle to geneME® – the company that brings these exciting, custom-created products directly to you and consumers all over the United States!

For more information on geneME®, visit www.geneme.me.

About LCO–Levine Communications Office
LCO–Levine Communications Office was founded in June of 1983 by esteemed media expert Michael Levine. The mantra of the company, Passion, Focus, Results, has seen it grow into one of the leading entertainment Public Relations firms in the world.

LCO has represented 58 Academy Award winners, 35 Grammy winners, 45 New York Times best-sellers, and some of Hollywood’s biggest and most powerful names and brands including Dave Chappelle, Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton, Nike, Playboy, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Suzanne Sommers, Paul Stanley, KISS, The Laugh Factory, Prince, David Bowie, Peter Guber, Pizza Hut, George Michael, Cameron Diaz, and hundreds more.

For more information on LCO–Levine Communications Office, visit www.LCOonline.com

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