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New Super PAC FightBigotry.com Releasing the Most Hard-Hitting Attack Ad Against President Obama This Year

July 31, 2012

WASHINGTON, July 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — FightBigotry.com for the first time clearly connects the dots showing President Obama’s disturbing pattern of tacitly defending black racism against whites before and since being elected president.

The public and press can view the ad at www.fightbigotry.com, Ozean Media will be handling our media buys.

The ad first points out that the Obama administration and surrogates Nancy Pelosi and Louise Lucas (not the Republicans) have injected race into the presidential campaign, with Obama Attorney General Eric Holder recently telling the New York Times -with no disagreement from President Obama–that some white voters who oppose Obama’s policies are motivated by race. This statement is in and of it self racist; implying that whites are too stupid to have honest disagreements with the president without being racist.

Then the ad shows who the real racists are here:

  • In 2010, On the verge of convicting The New Black Panthers for voter intimidation against whites (the judge had already entered a default judgment against the Panthers), The Obama administration for no legitimate reason dropped the charges; unless you consider Eric Holder’s racially-divisive remark referring to “his” people being legitimate). Now in 2012, the Panthers, – apparently emboldened by Obama’s administration not prosecuting them – are calling for a race war and spilling “white blood”. Again no response from President Obama.
  • In 2009: President Obama’s defended his friend Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates after Mr. Gates’ racist altercation with police. The president said the police “acted stupidly” when it was Mr. Gates’ racist actions being 100% responsible for the altercation.
  • The cases of The New Black Panthers and Henry Louis Gates now let us see the 2008 Jeremiah Wright controversy in much fuller context when Mr. Obama refused to repudiate the racist Wright, but instead strongly defended him.
  • Then we have racist words directly out of President Obama’s own mouth, describing his white grandmother’s racism as that of a “typical white person,” And how her racial stereotypes made him “cringe“; but Jeremiah Wright’s racial venom never made him cringe?
  • The ad then closes with a clip of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, pointing out that Dr. King would have been sickened by the likes of The New Black Panthers, Henry Louis Gates, Jeremiah Wright and Eric Holder; and finally points out that President Obama’s tacit defense of black racism continued despite his winning the presidency with nearly half the white vote.

From Jeremiah Wright to the present, President Obama has received a free pass on this sensitive issue of race and this ad will finally hold the president accountable.

The ad is now on the internet to raise money and get feedback; approaching the big money SuperPac donors while at the same time appealing to the regular folks for smaller contributions. In 2008, then-Senator Obama raised over $200 million from small contributions and FightBigotry.com hopes to do the same.

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Source: PR Newswire