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Jingle Punks Launches Exclusive Music Library for Content Creators

August 2, 2012

NEW YORK, Aug. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Jingle Punks announced today the launch of an exclusive, pre-cleared music library that can be licensed to content creators via their revolutionary Jingle Player. This new 25,000-song collection affords clients the opportunity to immediately license pre-cleared music not available anywhere else.

“We’ve spent years building the best library in the business,” said Jingle Punks co-founder and CEO Jared Gutstadt. “By creating a separate library where all music available for license is exclusive and pre-cleared, we’re meeting client demand head-on. Clients can continue to enjoy the innovations of our Jingle Player while perusing our new collection for tracks that can be licensed instantly and used by the client exclusively. “

The new exclusive library will continue to employ the efficiencies of the Jingle Player, which include the ability to easily search for the music that fits each individual project. The Jingle Player makes the process of finding the right music for clients easier by categorizing and tagging all submissions before uploading the songs into the algorithm-powered database. Jingle Punks is launching its exclusive music library offering in addition to their standard library in order to provide clients the option of being able to search for music they can exclusively license and immediately obtain the rights to.

Since its 2008 launch, the New York and Los Angeles-based music licensing start-up Jingle Punks has built the freshest and most relevant audio library in the business. Their searchable database is a custom-curated collection comprised of submissions from thousands of artists, as well as their award-winning staff composers.

“Jingle Punks is admired in the Television Industry for its amazing collection of exclusive copyrights. We have a storied body of work from our talented composing team, the most sought after in the business. These original works and our collection of exclusive, curated tracks have long been a staple for content creators and producers,” said Brian Wahlund, Jingle Punks’ head of business development. “We are creating two libraries to best serve the marketplace. Both will be accessible to our clients through our popular Jingle Punks Player technology.”

The exclusive music library launches with over 25,000 tracks, a number that will continue to grow. Additionally, upcoming functionality in the company’s online player will include live music curation and on-demand custom music creation from the famed Jingle Punks collective. These upcoming features will be made available to all customers.

About Jingle Punks
Jingle Punks is a New York based startup that creates a bridge between musicians and producers who want to purchase and use their music. Jingle Punks represents the music label of the future by providing distribution and synch rights all while cutting down on distribution and overhead through the innovation of its Jingle Punks player.

Jingle Punks’ client list has grown to include ABC, NBC, Comedy Central, VH-1, MTV, Bravo, TLC, Starz, History Channel, and A&E. Jingle Punks also services many of the industry’s top advertising and branding agencies. Visit http://www.jinglepunks.com/ to see how their expertly tagged and categorized database of music is changing the industry.

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