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Real-Time Photos on Every Website Thanks to Skylines Widget

August 9, 2012

AMSTERDAM, August 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Today real-time photo search engine Skylines launches its new product: a widget that
enables all websites to display real-time photos of any topic of choice. The widget draws
from a daily stream of over 5 million photos worldwide delivered via services like Twitter
and Instagram. From the Olympics to cars and from festivals to natural disasters, the
widget delivers the photos right away and is available for free at http://skylines.io.

Relevant real-time photos

People all over the world post photos via their smartphones about every subject
imaginable. But finding the right ones can be a hard task. With the Skylines widget a
fashion blogger shows behind the scenes photos Tweeted by the stars. Event organizers
share the thousands of photos made by their audience. And at the very moment a journalist
jumps on his moped on the way to his story, eyewitnesses of a big fire have already posted
highly relevant photos. Skylines indexes and delivers right away.

Over 5 million photos per day

The more than 5 million photos indexed by Skylines each day are searchable by the text
of the accompanying post, by the sender’s user name and location, or a combination of
subjects. CEO Martijn Pannevis: “During a year of developing and testing, we noticed that
organizations really want the show these photos to their visitors. With the widget we open
up our platform and share the value of real-time photos with the world.”

A widget in a few simple steps

Everyone can build a free widget at http://skylines.io [http://skylin.es ]

1) Enter your topic

This can be a single subject: “Olympics”, a more specific subject: “Olympics teamUSA”
or a search with separate components: “Olympics gymnastics OR Olympics swimming”

2) Pick a shape

The widget comes in three standard sizes.

3) Copy the code

The code can be placed on any spot on a website or blog.

The Skylines widget is free. Skylines’ next step is to introduce a premium and pro
versions with functions like pre-moderation and extensive lay-out options.

About Skylines

The mission of Skylines is to organize the world’s real-time photos. The Dutch
start-up was launched by founder Michiel Frackers and CEO Martijn Pannevis during the
TechCrunch Disrupt NY Finals in 2011. Skylines won the Dutch Vodafone Mobile Clicks in
2011 and was a finalist in the worldwide competition. Since its launch Skylines indexed
over photos.

For the editor, not for distribution

Want to show a live widget as an example in your article? Build it at
http://skylines.io. Please contact us if we can be of any help.

Screenshot of the widget with search ‘teamUSA’:




        Twitter: @skylinesHQ [http://twitter.com/skylineshq ]

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