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Revolutionary Site Provides Men With A Guaranteed Way To Get A Girlfriend

August 9, 2012

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — With national singles month approaching in September and more than 95 million people classified as unmarried or struggling to find dates, a cutting-edge dating advice company called The Modern Man, say they have the secret that shows men how to get a girlfriend.

“We’ve discovered a proven way for any man to get a beautiful girlfriend, regardless if he’s short, fat, bald or broke,” said Dan Bacon, founder of The Modern Man. “Most men don’t know that there is advice that will help them overcome their problems, such as not knowing what to say to get a conversation going, lacking the confidence to approach, not knowing how to make a woman sexually interested, fear of rejection and more.”

Bacon noted that many guys spend too much time hiding behind the safety of Facebook and text messages and not enough time actually in front of women. The fastest way to get a girlfriend, according to Bacon, is to talk to her in person, attract her with your confidence, humor and masculinity and then move it forward to a kiss, phone number or even sex that day or night.

Bacon explained that he and his expert team have spent the past five years testing and refining their method for success with women by approaching, dating and being in relationships with modern women themselves. In addition, he said, they’ve coached more than 650 guys in person.

“We literally went through the process of showing them how to approach and pick up women using our natural style,” Bacon recalled. “We developed the techniques while teaching new clients every weekend in bars, clubs and shopping malls.”

Bacon said that only after coaching guys to success for five years straight, did he and his team of experts decide to record the program and make it available on their website.

One student identified as Ricky said, “The Modern Man gave me the confidence to begin a sexual relationship with an attractive women I’d had a crush on for years. Previously, she only saw me as a friend, but when I used their techniques it was like I flicked a switch inside of her.”

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