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Morning Glory: 1.6 Million Viewers Watch Canada’s Women’s Soccer Team Win Bronze to Kick-Off Day 13

August 11, 2012

- 2.7 million viewers watch Usain Bolt sprint to gold in the men’s 200m
final -
- A massive 3.8 million viewers tuned in as Canada battled rival United
States in Monday’s epic women’s soccer semifinal; Day 10 delivers
largest overall reach to date with 22 million viewers -
- London 2012 viewing leads Beijing 2008 by 81% -
- More than 1.07 million CTV Olympics London 2012 and RDS olympiques pour Londres 2012 Apps have been downloaded -

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LONDON, Aug. 11, 2012 /CNW/ – An average audience of more than 1.6 million viewers kicked-off their day Thursday morning as Canada’s
women’s soccer team won bronze, marking the team’s first medal in
Olympic history. Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium audiences
peaked with an impressive 3.1 million viewers at 9:50 a.m. ET when
Canada’s Diana Matheson delivered a stunning goal in the 92(nd) minute. With a total reach of 5.8 million viewers, Canadians woke up
early to see the team finally claim a spot on the podium. Then, in the
afternoon’s marquee event, the men’s 200m final, an average audience of
2.7 million viewers watched Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt cruise to
gold, becoming the first Olympian to defend both the 100m and 200m

Earlier in the week, a massive average audience of 3.8 million viewers watched the Canadian women’s soccer team battle to the
bitter end against rival United States in the epic women’s semifinal on
Monday (Day 10). The match now ranks as the second most-watched event
for the Consortium at London 2012, behind only the men’s athletics 100m
final on Sunday (6.2 million). A total of 10.7 million Canadians - or nearly one third of the Canadian population - saw some part or all of the soccer match. On TSN alone, the match
delivered an average audience of 2.4 million viewers, making it the
second most-watched Olympic Games event ever on the network, behind
only the men’s gold medal hockey game at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic
Winter Games.

Women’s soccer captured the imagination of the digital audience on both
semifinal and bronze medal game days. On Day 10, just after the women’s
semifinal match against the United States, live video traffic peaked on
Consortium digital platforms with nearly 70,000 viewers online. Both
days that featured women’s soccer games brought Games-time high
proportions of people viewing live video, with almost half of total
videos consumed coming from live streams, compared to an average of
30%. The day of the bronze medal showdown with France also brought more
site visits (2.5 million) and delivered more video views (1.9 million)
than any other single day of the Games. Days 10 and 13 also saw
significantly increased social interaction, with a combined 21,000
interactions on social platforms and an additional 410,000 clicks into
live chats.

Additional Highlights for Days 10-13:

        --  Monday's women's boxing quarterfinal featuring Canadian Mary
            Spencer on CTV and Sportsnet was the #2 event of the day with
            an average audience of 2.2 million
        --  Sportsnet achieved its second highest audience of the 2012
            Games on Tuesday with an average audience of 525,000 for
            Canadian boxer Custio Clayton's quarterfinal bout
        --  The final stage of Thursday's men's decathlon on CTV, RDS, and
            V was the #2 event of the day as an average audience of 2.2
            million watched Canadian Damian Warner set six personal bests
            to finish fifth
        --  Also on Thursday, the gold medal women's soccer match between
            the United States and Japan delivered an average audience of
            534,000 viewers on TSN, with a total reach of 2.6 million
        --  By the end of Day 13, more than 1.07
            million CTV Olympics London 2012
            RDS olympiques pour Londres 2012
            Apps had been downloaded

Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium confirms that viewing for
London 2012 continues to widely outpace that of Beijing 2008, with
viewing up overall by an impressive 81%*. Day 10 alone delivered the
largest overall reach to date with 22 million viewers, bolstered by the
Canada/United States women’s soccer semifinal. On Day 13 (Aug. 9),
viewing was up 93% over the same day versus Beijing 2008. From the
start of the 2012 Games to date, an incredible 31.5 million Canadians -
or 94% of the population – has watched some coverage on Consortium
channels. Additionally, London 2012 continues to be a wide-reaching
event, with 94% of all women, 94% of all men, and 91% of all children
experiencing some part of the 2012 Games on television.

Average audiences on Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium for
Days 1 -13 of London 2012 are: 

    |                             |July 28 - Aug. 9|
    |OLYMPIC MORNING /            |1.2 million     |
    |LONDRES 2012 À RDS           |                |
    |(4 a.m. - 12 noon ET)        |                |
    |OLYMPIC DAYTIME /            |2.9 million     |
    |LONDRES 2012 À RDS           |                |
    |(12 - 6 p.m. ET)             |                |
    |OLYMPIC PRIME TIME /         |2.8 million     |
    |AUJOURD'HUI À LONDRES SUR RDS|                |
    |(7 - 11 p.m. ET)             |                |

To date, there have been 30.3 million visits to Consortium digital
platforms and 187 million page views. Visitors have watched 21 million
videos for three million hours. There have been more than two million
clicks into the Bell Social Scene chats that accompany live video on
classic web, and viewers of the television broadcast can follow that
social chat on mobile devices and interact with fellow fans.






About Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium
Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium is a unique relationship led
by Canada’s #1 broadcaster, CTV with 80% interest, along with Rogers
Media Inc. with 20% interest. The Consortium is providing unprecedented
English, French, and multilingual coverage and consumer choice on
multiple platforms during the London 2012 Olympic Games, through August
12, 2012. Official brands include CTV, TSN, RDS, RDS Info, Sportsnet,
OMNI Television, OLN, V, ATN, CTVOlympics.ca, RDSolympiques.ca, and select Rogers radio stations across the country. In addition,
select stations will also air the London 2012 Paralympic Games from
August 29 – September 9, 2012. The Consortium delivered the Top 5
most-watched events in Canadian television history during its
revolutionary coverage of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Source: BBM Canada
CTV electronic audience databases incorporate data beginning in 1994.
Audiences prior to August 31, 2009 based on BBM Nielsen Media Research
Mark II meters.
*Based on total time tuned
Online: All digital numbers are via Omniture unless otherwise noted

SOURCE Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium

Source: PR Newswire