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WEBKEY USA, LLC Launches First Paper Webkey Printed and Assembled in USA

August 13, 2012

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Aug. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Technology and marketing solutions company WEBKEY USA, LLC (www.webkey.com) has announced the launch of the first Paper Webkey that is designed, printed and assembled in the USA. Their breakthrough product, which the company successfully introduced nearly four years ago, seamlessly connects print-to-web with trackable results. The Paper Webkey integrates a detachable customized die cut or perforated paper-encased webkey, which is a USB device without flash memory, into any physical print media such as brochures, tradeshow flyers, direct mail, magazine ad inserts and belly bands. Users simply detach the webkey, plug it into their PC or MAC, and get instantly connected to landing pages, microsites, e-commerce sites and more, where they can learn, engage, participate in a promotion, or simply shop.

“For the first time ever,” says Rich Chieppa, company founder and Managing Director, “our domestic and International clients can count on quick, reliable and efficient paper webkey printing, assembly and delivery that can only be achieved by managing production in our USA-based ISO9001 printing facility.” Rich goes on to say that clients who understand and appreciate the webkey tactic can expect better customer service and communication, and a more streamlined production cycle compared to the Asian-produced paper webkeys that consistently encounter production glitches and delays. “We made the transition from manufacturing in Asia to the USA to meet the needs of our clients who now stand to benefit by this strategic production and logistics improvement.”

Customizable die-cut print media integrated with webkeys have been steadily gaining in popularity across all business verticals since the tactic was introduced by the company in 2008. They have become particularly attractive in the pharmaceutical and health care industry where, according to Chieppa, there is a strong need for code-compliant educational marketing tools. The tactic has also begun to draw serious attention from other industries such as banking and finance, insurance, automotive manufacturers, hospitality and travel and various other major consumer goods companies. More importantly, Chieppa notes, advertising agencies are looking to this new media with great interest and are actively recommending it to their clients.

Having successfully transitioned their Paper Webkey production from Asia to America, WEBKEY USA, LLC is a pioneer and the leading resource and producer for this simple, effective and affordable marketing solution that enables brands to drive more online traffic in a cluttered digital world.

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WEBKEY USA, LLC is a creative marketing advertising agency that understands the needs of tomorrow’s markets. With headquarter offices in West Palm Beach, Florida, they are an innovator, creator, and manufacturer that understand and respond to rapidly changing media conditions and market trends by delivering technology-driven marketing solutions for business and industry.


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