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Thinking of Leaving the Country After the Election? Expat Author Offers 5 Words of Wisdom to Consider: Bribes, Building, Banks, Security and Sanity

August 13, 2012

PROSSER, Wash., Aug. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Jeff Ashmead, author of Tropical Delusion – Misadventures in Paradise, shares his comical experience of leaving it all behind for a Caribbean beach in Mexico. He bought a small hotel on a secluded bay only to be greeted by a hurricane, the neighbor from hell, another hurricane, then the major remodel and the ensuing construction nightmare. Paradise at last with the new boutique hotel … then another hurricane.

His 5 Words of Wisdom:

Bribes: At some point you are going to meet your local traffic officer, most likely thru the rolled-down window of your car. Don’t panic, after he informs you of your “serious” infraction and takes your license hostage, just remember these 11 words: “Is there some way we can take care of this here?

Building: To keep things on schedule and to get in the rhythm of the third world, throw away your watch. Your new house will eventually get done but since the workers are still using 1000-year-old building techniques (the same used to build the Mayan pyramids) it’s going to take a while.

Banking: The most important document you need in Mexico is not your passport; it’s your electric bill. You want to open a bank account, get insurance, have cable TV or even rent a video at the local store, you will need your most recent bill. Always pay your electric bill.

Security: You just built this beautiful home in paradise and now you have to put bars on the windows. “I know it’s a shame but you can do it before you have a theft or you can do it after. I recommend from personal experience, before,” said Ashmead.

Sanity: Your friends should have names other than Jose Cuervo and Don Julio. These guys should only be around when you have a party and never around when you are just bored. Find some fellow expats to share your trials with, before you know it you’ll be best buddies or at the very least cell mates.

Tropical Delusion – Misadventures in Paradise is an educational and humorous account of difficulties facing Americans wishing to retire abroad. See book details at www.TropicalDelusion.com or at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Jeff Ashmead

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