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RedistrictingData.org First to Update National Political Boundary Data

August 14, 2012

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Aug. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Each decade, the fifty states redistrict political boundaries as a result of demographic and population changes gleaned from the U.S. Census. Unfortunately for numerous advocacy groups, organizations and campaign associations, their membership, activist, and voting lists need updated due to these boundary changes. Fortunately, for campaign agendas the solution to update current databases has finally arrived via customer demand, and in the form of Redistrictingdata.org.

Running accurate campaigns, correctly segmenting members, assuring that correct information for mailings is in place and communication efforts are on message is paramount when mobilizing your organization during election season. RedistrictingData.org, the brainchild of Huddle Strategic Relations, ameliorates an already seamless data updating system by allowing organizations to simply upload their databases while RedistrictingData.org’s team of experienced data techs will match your current lists with newly segmented boundaries to assure both accuracy for your campaigning efforts and plausibility of potentially outdated or irrelevant data sets.

November is quickly approaching, and numerous organizations will be launching diverse methods of campaigning – from grassroots organizing to direct mail and television. To alleviate potential nightmares having updated district information will alleviate errant campaign initiatives. RedistrictingData.org is available to quickly receive the newly formed updates to assure complete correctness in your information. RedistrictingData.org was conceived based on experience and demand from numerous clients we represent. Our solution is this easy to use, affordable, innovative platform.

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Empowering organizations to expand their reach, Huddle Strategic Relations offers strategic solutions relevant to communication, fundraising, membership, and data intelligence; such as RedistrictingData.org. With immeasurable experience between owners, partner organizations and staff, Huddle epitomizes productivity and strategy.

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Experts in various business strategies, along with answers to Redistricting Data questions, can be found via Redistrictingdata.org website. A full-feature table with each state’s current redistrict status is available, while beginning the process of updating your rolls takes only a few minutes. Press, media and other business inquiries may contact Huddle Strategic via corporate website or contact information that accommodates this press announcement.

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