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Plastic Wax Animation Brings Death To Life In Vigil Games’ & THQ’s Darksiders® II

August 16, 2012

SYDNEY, Aug. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Plastic Wax Animation, a digital animation studio specializing in CG content and in-game cinematics for the videogame industry, today announced its recent collaboration with Vigil Games and THQ Inc. on their upcoming blockbuster, Darksiders® II. With over fourteen years of industry experience dedicated to large triple-A titles, Plastic Wax Animation is a full service studio that works with marketing and product development groups to produce award winning in-game cinematics and pre-rendered CG scenes.

Partnering with both the developer and publisher of Darksiders II has allowed Plastic Wax to fully immerse themselves into the apocalyptic universe of Darksiders. Working with THQ, Plastic Wax produced over 5 minutes and 30 seconds of CG content which was made into five mind-blowing trailers and released over the course of six months. The first trailer, “Death Lives,” is a short CG piece that revealed the game to the world during the 2011 Video Game Awards. Shortly after, two full length CG sequences were released as “Death Strikes Part One” and “Death Strikes Part Two”. The fourth trailer was released as “The Last Sermon,” a live action trailer intertwined with CG scenes done in conjunction with Hammer Creative. Finally, the fifth piece, “Salvation,” capped the trailers off with a compelling commercial featuring Death ripping through hell. Additionally, Plastic Wax was tapped by Vigil Games to create and produce all of the in-game cinematics for Darksiders II. With over 45 minutes of action-packed hand-keyed facial and body animation, gamers everywhere will see how the story of Death unfolds when they play the game starting this month.

“Game cinematics are extremely crucial to the development of the game because they help immerse the player in the world and drive the narrative forward,” said Marvin Donald, Game Director of Vigil Games. “We needed cinematics that not only represented the stylized visuals, but the action and intensity of the game and Plastic Wax nailed it, from the first teaser reveal to the last in-game cinematic.”

Building off the success of the first game, Darksiders II quickly resonated with gamers everywhere as it became the second-highest pre-ordered title in THQ’s history. Additionally, famed comic artist, Joe Madureira, continues to serve as the Creative Director of the game. The story follows Death himself, one of the most feared members of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Coinciding with the events of the original Darksiders, this epic tale follows Death as he tries to redeem his brother War’s innocence for being accused of starting the Apocalypse.

“Vigil Games and THQ have created such a rich and stimulating universe with Darksiders II, it was an absolute honor for our studio to partner with some of the industry’s finest,” said Dane Maddams, Production Manager of Plastic Wax Animation. “Working with both the developer and publisher helps us maintain and balance the ideas for both sides while allowing us to really dig deep into the universe and deliver a cohesive and enthralling cinematic experience.”

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