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Cheetos Brand Celebrates College Sports With Inaugural Top-25 Cheesiest Mascots Rankings

August 20, 2012

PLANO, Texas, Aug. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Among the excitement and debate that comes with preseason rankings for college football, mascots have traditionally stood as the unsung heroes that will ultimately be responsible for driving school spirit among fans through landslide victories and crushing defeats. With clipboard, stopwatch and a bag of Cheetos snacks in hand, Chester Cheetah, the iconic spokescat for the most playful snack in the world and a leading brand from PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division, today announced his official rankings of the Cheesiest College Mascots. Giving college sports fans and mascot enthusiasts nationwide a cheesier set of rankings to follow, the mischievous Cheetos spokescat has assembled this exclusive ranking to celebrate his quirky counterparts at universities and colleges around the country.

Drawing from an admittedly unscientific analysis of college mascots nationwide, rankings are based on “cheese factor” and all-around silliness. Topping the inaugural ranking is the Fighting Pickle, the official mascot of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Impressively, this top honor goes to a university without an actual athletics program, demonstrating that mascot mastery can happen anywhere.

Chester Cheetah’s official Top-25 Cheesiest Mascots include:

    Rank Mascot                         Team                          Location
    ---- ------                         ----                          --------
    1    The Fighting Pickle             University of North Carolina
                                         School of the Arts           Winston-Salem, NC
    ---  -------------------            ----------------------------- -----------------
    2    Kernel Cobb                    Concordia College             Moorhead, MN
    ---  -----------                    -----------------             ------------
    3    Gladys, the Fighting Squirrel  Mary Baldwin College          Staunton, VA
    ---  -----------------------------  --------------------          ------------
    4    YoUDee, Fightin' Blue Hen      University of Delaware        Newark, DE
    ---  -------------------------      ----------------------        ----------
    5    The Blue Hose                  Presbyterian College          Clinton, SC
    ---  -------------                  --------------------          -----------
    6    The Bishop                     Ohio Wesleyan University      Delaware, OH
    ---  ----------                     ------------------------      ------------
    7    Otto, the Orange               Syracuse University           Syracuse, NY
    ---  ----------------               -------------------           ------------
    8    Scotty, the Scottish Terrier   Carnegie Mellon University    Pittsburgh, PA
    ---  ----------------------------   --------------------------    --------------
    9    Charlie Choker                 Grays Harbor College          Aberdeen, WA
    ---  --------------                 --------------------          ------------
    10   Big Red                        Western Kentucky University   Bowling Green, KY
    ---  -------                        ---------------------------   -----------------
    11   The Boll Weevil                 University of Arkansas-
                                         Monticello                   Monticello, AR
    ---                 --------------- ------------------------      --------------
    12   Wally,  the Wabash             Wabash College                Crawfordsville, IN
    ---  ------------------             --------------                ------------------
    13   Johnny Poet                    Whittier College              Whittier, CA
    ---  -----------                    ----------------              ------------
    14   Speedy Q, the Geoduck          The Evergreen State College   Olympia, WA
    ---  ---------------------          ---------------------------   -----------
    15   Ramses, the Ram                University of North Carolina  Chapel Hill, NC
    ---  ---------------                ----------------------------  ---------------
    16   The Anchorman                  Rhode Island College          Providence, RI
    ---  -------------                  --------------------          --------------
    17   Centenary Cyclone              Centenary College             Hackettstown, NJ
    ---  -----------------              -----------------             ----------------
    18   SuperFrog                      TCU                           Fort Worth, TX
    ---  ---------                      ---                           --------------
    19   The Troll                      Trinity Christian College     Palos Heights, IL
    ---  ---------                      -------------------------     -----------------
    20   Morty, the Eutectic            St. Louis College of Pharmacy St. Louis, MO
    ---  -------------------            ----------------------------- -------------
    21   Tim, the Beaver                MIT                           Cambridge, MA
    ---  ---------------                ---                           -------------
    22   Willie, the Wave               Pepperdine University         Malibu, CA
    ---  ----------------               ---------------------         ----------
    23   T-Bone                         Pace University               Pleasantville, NY
    ---  ------                         ---------------               -----------------
    24   HokieBird                      Virginia Tech                 Blacksburg, VA
    ---  ---------                      -------------                 --------------
    25   The Mocs                       Chattanooga                   Chattanooga, TN
    ---  --------                       -----------                   ---------------

Throughout the rankings, it comes clear that institutions of higher learning in the east dominate with regard to cheesy mascots, claiming 15 of the top-25 spots. Vegetables and fruits establish a powerful presence on the list with three top-10 rankings, proving once and for all that produce are players. Not surprising, animals claimed multiple spots, however, what becomes particularly intriguing is that all mascots representing the animal kingdom are unexpected warriors, ranging from the squirrels (Mary Baldwin College) to hens (University of Delaware) to burrowing clams (The Evergreen State College). Finally, special accolades go to four mascots, representing colleges without collegiate football programs (Centenary College, Mary Baldwin College, Trinity Christian College and University of North Carolina School of the Arts).

Even cheesier than this list of mascots, Cheetos snacks offer a way for families and friends to add a playful twist to their daily routine. The popular snacks are available in 17 varieties and 12 different flavors, including its newest addition — Cheetos Crunchy Salsa con Queso Cheese flavored snacks which hit store shelves earlier this year and are available in a 9.25-oz. package for a suggested retail price of $3.49.

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