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Two New Apps From Looxcie Offer Live Broadcasts From Smartphones And Live Streaming To Facebook

August 29, 2012

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Looxcie, Inc., makers of the first hands-free mobile-connected video cam, announced today the ability to stream live video from any iOS or Android mobile device using the new LooxcieLive app. This new app adds support for the internal front and back cameras on smartphones and tablets, so people can choose to stream a live broadcast using just their mobile device or start a hands-free broadcast with a Looxcie video cam.

In related news, the company announced “Looxcie App for Facebook”, which combines with the Looxcie mobile app to deliver live video broadcasts that can be viewed directly on the user’s Facebook page. The two new apps are designed to make creating and watching a live video broadcast as easy as possible, without any additional requirements. Anyone with a smartphone can now experience the fun and ease of sharing live video with friends, simply by downloading the free app in the iTunes or Google Play stores.

About the LooxcieLive Mobile App
LooxcieLive is a free mobile app that lets users share a live video broadcast in real time with friends or family over 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi networks. Unlike other video streaming options, LooxcieLive users can choose to invite one or more friends to a private broadcast — including Facebook friends. Or they can start a public broadcast that can be viewed by anyone.

While watching a live broadcast with the LooxcieLive mobile app, viewers can interact in real time with the broadcaster as events unfold using the unique Push-to-Talk feature or in-app text chat. If viewers are unable to watch the live broadcast while it’s happening, the LooxcieLive service stores recorded broadcasts in the cloud for viewers to watch later.

Building on the social appeal of the original mobile app release, LooxcieLive now lets users choose to sign in with either their email address or Facebook credentials. Users can link their Looxcie account to Facebook, making it easy to invite friends to watch their broadcasts or post their broadcasting status on their wall.

Once introduced to live streaming, users can enhance their experience by adding a Looxcie 2 video cam. The Looxcie 2 allows users to stream POV video handsfree, using one of the many versatile clips, mounts and other accessories. Working with the same LooxcieLive app, people can use the smartphone’s cameras for spontaneous streaming or add the Looxcie 2 video cam for a handsfree broadcasting experience that lets them stay involved in the action.

About the Looxcie App for Facebook
With its newly added support for the internal front or back camera on smartphones, the LooxcieLive mobile app opens a new door for people to share live video with friends. Similarly, the LooxcieLive App for Facebook broadens the streaming community, enabling both live and recorded video broadcasts to be shared, explored and viewed on the world’s most popular social network. Looxcie has simplified the process of sharing live video on Facebook, as users can start a live broadcast from their mobile device or Looxcie video cam and send it directly to a Facebook profile page, for the first time ever. No need to create Fan pages or direct Friends or Followers to new pages. Once the app is installed, users can view live feeds, watch videos from friends, or explore what’s playing on Looxcie community public channels, all within Facebook.

“Looxcie’s mission is to make it easy for people to share their life through video. With LooxcieLive supporting the front and back camera on a smartphone, and by expanding video sharing to Facebook, we have created a way to make live video streaming and viewing easier and more engaging for anyone with a smartphone,” said Looxcie CEO, Romulus Pereira. “Looxcie has created an ecosystem by developing a complete, end to end experience from device to apps to servers and back again so that we are extending the reach of sharing and trial to a much broader audience.”

Mobile App Details:

  • Private Broadcasts: Invite one or more friends to watch your broadcast. Select people to invite before, during, or after the broadcast.
  • Public Broadcasts: Let the whole world watch your broadcast. Select from several public channels to categorize your broadcast.
  • Broadcast Storage: Unable to watch a broadcast live? No problem. Broadcasts are stored in the cloud for you or your friends to watch later.
  • Broadcast Management: Change the settings and invitation lists for your own broadcasts.
  • Recorded Broadcasts: Share a link with friends to watch a broadcast after it has ended.
  • Mobile Viewing: Watch live broadcasts and recorded broadcasts right from your smartphone.
  • Adaptive Streaming: Looxcie’s end-to-end technology adjusts the video automatically to optimize the video stream, regardless of the network (3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi).
  • Live Thumbnails: Video thumbnails on the View screen let you quickly browse through a list of all your friends who are broadcasting live.
  • Push to Talk: Talk in real time directly to the broadcaster and add fun and witty audio commentary.
  • Text Chat: Share a comment on the action with the broadcaster and anyone else who may be watching.
  • Notifications: Instantly find out when your friends are broadcasting, even when the app is inactive.
  • Facebook Sign-In: Use your Facebook user name and password to get started quickly, and share live broadcasts and recorded broadcasts with your Facebook friends.
  • Facebook Integration: Invite your Facebook friends to watch your video, post your broadcasting status on your wall, and send a live broadcast directly to Facebook.

Additional Specifications:

  • Supports Looxcie 1 and Looxcie 2 handsfree video cams.
  • Requires iOS 5.0 or newer and Android 2.1 or newer.
  • Accept or place calls while streaming. Streams will be placed on hold until call ends.
  • Maximum streaming resolution: 480p
  • Maximum frame Rate: 15fps (frames per second)
  • Bit rate: Adapts to network conditions
  • Audio: AAC LC

Facebook App Details:

  • Facebook Viewing: Watch live broadcasts and recorded broadcasts right from your Facebook page.
  • Community Channels: Explore what’s playing on public channels in the Looxcie community.
  • Friends’ Broadcasts: Watch live broadcasts and recorded broadcasts that your friends have invited you to.
  • Broadcast Management: Change the settings and invitation lists for your own broadcasts.

About Looxcie, Inc.
Looxcie, Inc. is the creator of the first mobile-connected, hands-free video cam and video service that lets people capture and share what’s happening, when it’s happening. Founded in 2008, Looxcie is backed by Artiman Ventures and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. For more information, visit www.looxcie.com. Become a fan on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Looxcie or follow us at ww.twitter.com/LooxcieCam

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