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Western Viewers Fall Behind in the Web-connected TV Revolution

August 31, 2012

NUREMBERG, Germany, August 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

People in markets such as China, Brazil and India better exploit the opportunities
offered by web-connected television, compared to countries such as the UK, US and Germany.
This is according to research carried out across thirteen countries by GfK’s consumer
research experts. The study found that western consumers are stuck in an ‘analogue’
mindset, whereas viewers in emerging markets are more likely to embrace the digital
capabilities of Connected TV.

GfK research shows that a far higher proportion of Chinese, Korean and Indian
consumers have used the functionalities of Smart TV in the past months, compared to those
in Western markets.

        Connected TV usage:

        China          44%
        S. Korea       18%
        India          17%
        Brazil         14%
        Turkey         13%
        UK             11%
        USA            11%
        Mexico         11%
        Spain           8%
        Germany         8%
        Belgium         6%
        Russia          5%
        Netherlands     5%

GfK’s findings show that ‘Social TV’ has yet to fully take-off. Globally, just 28% of
viewers said that they found programmes that they can interact with to be more interesting
to watch. And just 25% thought that tweeting and commenting on programmes ‘enhances the
viewing experience’.

Viewers in countries such as China, Brazil and India are more motivated by programmes
they can interact with than those in markets such as the UK, US and Germany[1].

Richard Preedy, at GfK, said: “Our findings suggest that broadcasters need to
integrate their social elements far more engagingly into the fabric of the programme, in
order to entice the viewer’s interaction.”

Across all markets, the ability to connect to the internet is less important than
price, screen size and display technology, when buying a new TV. But the West is more
indifferent than the emerging markets, with only 26% of UK and 29% of US consumers saying
they look out for a net enabled set, compared to 61% in India and 64% in China.

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[1] % agreeing with statement ‘Programmes I can interact with are much more
interesting to watch’ Brazil 42%, China 61%, India 59% vs. UK 16%, USA 18%, Germany 15%

Research contact: Ryan Garner, Ryan.Garner@gfk.com

PR contact: Amanda Wheeler, Amanda.wheeler@gfk.com / +44-7919-624688


Source: PR Newswire