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The Largest Industrialized Fish Farming Facility in Europe Will Be Inaugurated in Poland on 12th September. The Facility Will Produce Some 1200 Tons of Tilapia Per Annum

September 3, 2012

LONDON, September 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

The Facility is part of an industrial energy-saving solution for the world
shortage of fish. The construction of the project costs EUR12M. The plant is based on

patents by AquaMaof Company, which built and operates the facility.

On 12th September 2012, the largest industrialized plant for “producing” fish in
Europe will be launched. This refers to the largest, most advanced facility in Europe,
which will yield 1200 tons of tilapia fish per annum. The facility is spread out over an
area of 8000 sq m. The cost of its construction, some EUR12M, is expected to be recouped
within 5 years of operation. The period required for construction was one year and, as
mentioned, the facility will be launched in the upcoming weeks by the AquaMaof Aquaculture
Technologies Company, which designed and will operate the plant, in partnership with local
businessmen in Poland.

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The worldwide need for facilities to breed fish is linked to the decrease in the
supply of sea and ocean fish, which has declined consistently as a result of intensive,
unmonitored commercial fishing, and the traditional industry of breeding fish in open
ponds can no longer satisfy demand. Thus, in order to meet the requirements, which grow
from year to year, a group of Israeli and American experts formed a company called
AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies, and developed an innovative patent-protected technology
to industrialize the procedure.

The new method makes it possible to breed fish under controlled temperature conditions
in all types of weather, in any country and during all seasons, independently of external

Although this means breeding under cover in tanks, an additional patent makes it
possible to save more than 70% of the energy and manpower as compared to other breeding
facilities in the world. This method saves production costs and produces a predetermined
quantity and quality of fish under the full control of the operators of the plant.

The new plant makes it possible to produce fish of a uniform size, due to an automatic
selection system that grades and counts the fish in each tank, conveying fish from tank to
tank and ensuring that each tank cultivates fish of a uniform size, a technology which
makes it possible to supply the client with the desired size of fish.

AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies is an Israeli Company which specializes in erecting
and managing industrialized fish farming facilities in Israel and worldwide. The Company
was formed by the joining together of aquaculture specialists, each contributing their own
set of skills in a specific field such as system design and integration, machinery design
and fabrication, ichthyology, project management, business management and, most
importantly, a lot of experience.

At present, several projects are being developed: a project near Moscow, Russia, which
is to produce 500 tons of trout annually, and will be opened in 2013; an additional
project in Romania will breed sturgeon for caviar production, and others.

The Company has signed agreements with several other investment groups to construct
additional facilities in Israel, Africa and South East Asia, and is in negotiation with
both private and public bodies to construct similar facilities in various European
countries, the Far East, Africa and North America. The cost of building each
industrialized fish farm ranges from EUR 4M to EUR 150M.

If you wish to attend the launch, request additional material or arrange an

interview, please contact:

Avriel Ben-Dor +972-54-8170101 or via e-mail at avri@kay.co.il




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