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DIY Enterprises Increasingly Popular as Tricks of the Trade Disseminate on the Web

September 4, 2012

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The do it yourself (affectionately abbreviated as DIY) movement has become more attainable in recent years with the growth of the internet. Websites like Pinterest and Tumblr allow users to share their homegrown how to’s with the click of a button. These services have experienced sustained financial and member expansion; surely, this trend isn’t going away. However, most people on Pinterest don’t have the budget of a business and need to find ways to indulge this interest. As such, they turn to affordable sewing supplies manufacturer and distributer Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies in order to pay for their materials. From a simple fabric cutter to industrial steamers, Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies stands by their dedication to the domestic sewing enthusiast by offering free shipping on all of their products from their online store, Gold Star Tool. The Gold Star Tool online store even offers instructional DVDs and books for customers wanting to take their self-education to a whole new level.

The interfaces of these sites go a long way in attracting internet users to the DIY lifestyle. With a shimmering picture of the finished product that contains a link to instructions or another site, these pages help inspire users by supporting the fantasy of crafting. For example, do it yourself projects that are currently popular on Pinterest include such diverse endeavors as cupcake oven mitts, a herringbone car seat cover for dogs, and fashionable pillows with a bow. It’s no wonder these inspire millions of people to bring out their inner seamstress; these items are beautiful and, more often than not, practical. Nonetheless, some projects (usually those with the loveliest results) require more uncommonly found tools. That’s no problem with Gold Star Tool. Niche items like grommet machines and heat transfer machines can not only be found on the Gold Star Tool site; they’re offered at rates way below other sites. Part of the reason Gold Star Tool can sell their products at such low prices is because they manufacture and sell proprietary sewing machine parts, cutting out valuable costs incurred from involving middlemen. These savings are then distributed throughout all of the company’s wares, supporting extras like competitive warranties and the previously mentioned free shipping.

Furthermore, with the popularity of self-retail sites like Etsy and iCraft, home crafters who get inspired can turn their DIY experiences into an enterprise. Internet marketplaces like these allow sewists to effectively start their own businesses with little to no upfront cost. Plus, the sites host pictures and information for the business owner, allowing them to tap into the online marketplace. Once certain pages get trending, selling items can really take off. When these crafters need to get a little industrial, they can also turn to Gold Star Tool. State-of-the-art sewing machines and accessories, dress forms, and even cutting room paper (that can double as packing paper) are found at Gold Star Tool.

To get your creativity in gear, visit www.goldstartool.com or call 800-868-4419 to speak with a friendly staff person at Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies.

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