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Square Beats: The Beatbox in Your Pocket

September 5, 2012

HAMBURG, Germany, September 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Produce professional music on the iPhone with this new app

Electronic music was once only produced by those who had talent, expertise, and
professional software. Today, the smartphone is enough. The music has arrived on mobile
devices and the operating system iOS 5 makes professional music-making on the iPhone
possible. New to the market of music apps is “Square Beats” – a playful professional tool
that allows musicians to quickly and intuitively produce beats and melodies.

More instruments, more tracks, more opportunities

Whether as an accompanying instrument for band rehearsal, the basic beat for freestyle
hip-hop or for show element and performing live – in a few minutes, users can selectively
implement ideas through experimentation or create amazing beats and melodies. Square Beats
offers up to 96 instruments and ten tracks which is way more opportunities than current
music apps. Square Beats does not have a technical look. The user interface is reduced to
a simple design that allows for intuitive use. Square Beats consists of a grid with
multiple blocks (squares), each of which can be assigned different instruments and sounds.
Also key, length, height, and volume can be adjusted individually. The blocks can be
placed over and next to each other, so that when played creates complex beats.

Democratization of music

“We have managed to build a stylish app that is extremely easy to use, and it does not
lack the necessary musical complexity,” says app developer Simon Meyborg. “Both
professional musicians as well as experimental, joyful amateurs achieve with Square Beats
amazing results that are presentable.” This is possible with the current operating system
iOS 5, because the latency is reduced and the audio features of the iPhone can be used

In the age of social sharing, the original songs are sent via a connection to the
music platform SoundCloud, or audio file export to friends and fans.

The app is now available in a free and a paid version for iPhone and iPad in the
AppStore. The free version contains 19 instruments. The paid version comes with 96
instruments, internal instrument creation, SoundCloud link and audio file export.

Photos as download: http://www.robstar.info/media/press/pm_graphics.zip

Tutorial: http://vimeo.com/47583423

About Square Beats:

Square Beats is operated by Robstar UG (limited). Robstar is run by a young software
developer from Hamburg. It develops applications and services for mobile devices and the
Web. CEO is Simon Meyborg.


Source: PR Newswire