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Sharpie Fans Make Music At MTV VMAs And Beyond

September 7, 2012

OAK BROOK, Ill., Sept. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Today’s teens have been dubbed the “user-generated generation,” which should come as no surprise given the proliferation of websites, social platforms and apps encouraging unique content sharing. This back-to-school season, Sharpie is showcasing the work of some of its most passionate creators in the brand’s first music video. The video, which debuted as a TV spot last night during the “2012 MTV Video Music Awards,” features hundreds of images of Sharpie fan creations set to the music of indie band, California Wives.

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In an age where traditional advertising can fall flat with teens, Sharpie has taken its TV ad and translated it online, launching a unique interactive digital experience that showcases the work of its fans in a way they can personalize and share. Using cutting-edge digital technology, the brand has created a digital experience that lets fans manipulate images to create their own custom Music Video Mashup featuring their unique Sharpie creations.

“It’s a multi-screen generation,” said Ryan Rouse, Global Director of Marketing for Sharpie. “Teens are watching TV while texting, Tweeting and more. As a brand focused on teens, we want to provide a Sharpie experience they can get excited about across multiple platforms. The Music Video Mashup is a really fun, cool digital experience that keeps the creativity flowing and the conversation going long after the TV ad has aired – all while showcasing the amazing things our fans have created with Sharpie.”

Digital By Design
Utilizing the latest advancements in web development – HTML5 and CSS3 – the Sharpie Music Video Mashup digital experience allows fans to create a customized Music Video Mashup they can share via their social networks. Users simply visit the Sharpie Facebook page and upload their creations to the Sharpie gallery (or select from more than 18,000 existing images). From there, fans can drag and drop their chosen images into place. Each Music Video Mashup is a unique expression, where Sharpie fans serve as their very own mix masters.

The technologies that power the Sharpie Music Video Mashup are relatively new. Working with Ketchum Chicago and Manning Productions, Sharpie tapped these web applications to create an experience that would allow for the integration of data, graphics and multimedia in a way that was not possible before.

“The Sharpie Music Video Mashup creates a wow factor for our fans because it leverages a new and unique technology,” said Rouse. “We’ve embraced these recent advances and are using them in a creative way to provide an experience that taps directly into the authentic and collaborative connection we have with our fans. As a brand that stands for creativity and self-expression, it’s important that we deliver engaging digital as well as analog experiences, especially given our tech savvy teen target.”

Four-Screen Participation
While teens across the country tuned in to VMAs, Sharpie teamed up with leading teen media outlets, including the brand’s own Sharpie Squad, to deliver a variety of fan engagements.

Partnering with BOP and Tiger Beat magazines, Sharpie co-hosted a VMA Twitter party during the red carpet pre-show where fans answered trivia questions and offered up VMA predictions to win Sharpie prize packs and more. Utilizing the Shazam mobile app, fans also could “Shazam” the TV ad to receive one of 5,000 free downloads of California Wives’ song “Purple,” the featured soundtrack in both the TV ad and Music Video Mashup, as well as view a longer version of the TV ad.

DraftFCB Chicago developed the :30, :60 and longer form (2:40 runtime) ads. All featured images were submitted by Sharpie fans as part of the “Start with Sharpie Challenge” held earlier this year. The :60 ad premiered during a one-time airing on the VMAs. The :30 will air on MTV through Sept. 30. All of the videos can be viewed on the Sharpie brand’s YouTube channel.

Immediately following the VMA premier, Sharpie launched the Music Video Mashup to its 3 million-plus Facebook fans, 200,000-plus Twitter followers and Sharpie Squad members, a select group of 12 of its most passionate fans.

To create your own Sharpie Music Video Mashup, visit Sharpie on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sharpie.

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California Wives has just released their debut album, Art History, which can be found on iTunes or Amazon. The group got its start in 2009 when the quartet–made up of Jayson Kramer (vocals, keys, guitar), Joe O’Connor (drums), Dan Zima (bass) and recently added Graham Masell (lead guitar)–self-released their first EP entitled Affair, which quickly garnered attention from the press and broadened their fan base. Visit facebook.com/CaliforniaWives for more information.

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