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DogFunatics Shirt Line for Dog Lovers Fetches Lots of Attention

September 12, 2012

HOUSTON, Sept. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — DogFunatics, a Houston-based company that produces apparel and gifts for dog lovers, today announced its new line of Dog Shirts available online at www.dogfunatics.com. The new apparel line features a variety of colors and sizes with humorous, memorable and sometimes flirty phrases meant to start a conversation in your neighborhood or dog park. The apparel line was created to reflect the love and companionship that most dog owners share with their pets.

Dog Shirts from DogFunatics are printed on high quality American Apparel products and feature over fifty designs, so there is a style for every type of dog lover. Feeling flirty? Let the world know with a shirt that says, “I like to play ruff.” And if you’ve had a hard week, try the “Sit happens” shirt on for size. Shirts are available online in men’s and women’s sizes at www.dogfunatics.com.

“Ever since he bought the shirt, master has been getting a lot more attention,” says Spike. “I’m glad to see him socializing with the other human outside. I hate to see him locked up all day behind a desk.”

Not sure if Dog Shirts are right for you? Here are some handy tips for determining if your pet is truly your best friend. You know you are a dog lover when:

  • Your Facebook features more pictures of your golden retriever than of you.
  • Your dog has his own couch, and you shoo guests off of it.
  • You have started a story with “Mr. Bubbles did the funniest thing today…”
  • You can’t imagine being friends with anyone who doesn’t talk to their dog in a designated “dog voice.”

Studies have shown that owning a dog gives you a longer, happier life and helps you make friends. Celebrate your dog and all he or she does for you by sporting a Dog Shirt on your next outing and start a conversation at the dog park.

Browse the complete collection at www.dogfunatics.com and start a conversation today.

DogFunatics is all about connecting dog lovers. Dog Shirts’ attention-grabbing designs are a fun and funny way to show your love for your pet and strike up a conversation on a walk, a visit to the vet, or a romp at the dog park. See more at DogFunatics.com. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

Andrea Alford

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