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Sway Calloway Hosts The 1st Annual “Global Spin Awards” Recognizing The World’s Most Dynamic DJs Across The Globe

September 12, 2012

NEW YORK, Sept. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Bad Boy Records /Power Moves Inc. executive, Shawn Prez, orchestrates the 1(st) annual “Global Spin Awards” which will recognize notable DJs across the Globe for their accomplishments and great achievements in the music and entertainment industries. The award show will take place at the New York Times Center in NYC. MTV’s executive producer for MTV News and Sirius XM Radio, Shade 45 morning show host, Sway Calloway, has been confirmed as the award show’s host and will be announcing the nominees for the awards at a press conference to be held in NYC in October 2012.

The “Global Spin Awards” voting committee also known as the “DJ Bureau” is comprised of the most influential music industry tastemakers, executives, pop culture enthusiasts, and legendary DJs. This select group of influential individuals will work together to compile the list of categories and nominees who have transcended in their careers. The bureau will select nominees as well as maintain the integrity of the voting process for each award. All nominees will be announced by Sway Calloway during the press conference for the GSA’s.

The Global Spin Awards will be the first award show of its kind to give recognition to DJs nationally and internationally, honoring those who bring great music into the lives and homes of many. The award show is supported by DJ coalitions, music industry executives, entertainment industry professionals and DJs around the world.

“Throughout my career I’ve formed long standing relationships with DJs and have always noticed the lack of recognition given to them for the roles they play within the culture of music and entertainment. The GSA’s were created to fill that void and finally honor the DJs exclusively for their achievements, especially amongst their peers. Simply put, DJs deserve their version of the Grammy’s,” says an excited Shawn Prez.

The GSA’s will take place at the NY Times Center on November 19, 2012 at 8pm in NYC. The evening will include celebrities from Television, Music, Sports and Fashion industries hitting the red carpet and presenting awards in selected categories.

For press/media inquiries regarding the GSA’s please contact McQueen Media representative Soulgee McQueen at soulgee@trioent.com or 646-322-0376.

For more information about the “Global Spin Awards” please visit (http://www.globalspinawards.com).

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