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Voltage Cycles Unveils First Production Electric Bicycle at Interbike 2012

September 14, 2012

GRASS VALLEY, Calif., Sept. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Voltage Cycles, an innovator in personal transportation, announces the Voltage Cycles Sport, the company’s first production electric bike. The Sport features classic American styling and engineering to meet the demands of everyday transportation.

“The Voltage Cycles Sport is for anyone who wants to integrate a healthy, environmentally friendly, and economical form of transportation into their lifestyle,” said Marty Schlesinger, President of Voltage Cycles. “Voltage Cycles represents the new road ahead for personal transportation, and we are looking to earn our place in the family garage.”

Styling any rider will be proud to throw a leg over

The Sport is an innovative blend of classic design and modern technology. Today, as in the past, the bicycle industry is leading the way in revolutionizing personal transportation and the Sport’s vintage look is a celebration of the bike’s central role then and now. Integrated into the vintage design is a modern electrical propulsion system that pushes the Sport to the leading edge of technological advancement. It is this blend of vintage design and modern technology that give Voltage Cycles a WOW factor you won’t see anywhere else. See Voltage Cycles in action at www.voltagecycles.com.

Viable, reliable, everyday transportation

Whether commuting to work or cruising the countryside, Voltage Cycles are ready for the demands of everyday use. The Sport is engineered to be tough, reliable, and easily serviced. The sleek steel frame is manufactured to handle the added weight and stress put on it by the electrical propulsion system and utilizes industry standard bicycle components. Components subject to normal wear such as tires and brake pads are all readily available and easy to replace. The propulsion system utilizes the latest battery technology, and delivers the power and range to get you where you need to go for pennies a day. The Sport can be fully charged in 4 hours using a standard 110V household outlet and deliver enough juice for a range between 30-40 miles of powered riding. Voltage has partnered with AllCell Technology for battery systems. Their patented technology produces batteries capable of over 5 years of everyday riding and re-charging before needing to be replaced.

Transportation for the new road ahead – Pedal, powered, or both

Hop on, start pedaling and away you go. The Sport rides like a traditional bicycle with the added benefit of power when you need it. Use the power to get up that steep hill, or through a busy intersection quickly; or use the pedals and power together to get exercise and greatly extend the battery’s range. Voltage Cycles have the power to perform whether pedaled, powered or both. Although the Sport offers power and performance, no license is needed, nor any vehicle registration or insurance.

About Voltage Cycles

Voltage Cycles was founded by Marty Schlesinger in 2010 to build electric bikes that any rider would be proud to throw a leg over. Marty’s love of bicycles began as a kid and includes times as a professional BMX rider, bike mechanic, biking filmmaker, and now the designer of Voltage Cycles. His passion for riding is reflected in the unique styling of all Voltage Cycles, and the ease of serviceability and support for independent bike dealers. Do the distance in style on a Voltage Cycle, and enjoy the ride!

For more information and to see Voltage Cycles in action visit us at www.voltagecycles.com.


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