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Know what’s trending with fashion and quality -conscious Europeans? USA! USA! USA!

September 20, 2012

WASHINGTON, Sept. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — With all the talk of the demise of products made in the USA one might believe that American made products are not in demand abroad or are being eclipsed by competitors manufacturing in Asia. It now appears that this trend does not really hold true for the fashion and textile sector where US designed and produced wares are very much in demand. Buoyed by a favorable exchange rate, American fashion products have found favorable treatment by European merchants and are very much in demand in the big European markets such as Germany and the U.K. which will help the manufacturing base in the US. One thing fueling this trend is a very quality-conscious consumer population who is keenly aware of the fact that many items produced in Asia have great difficulty in achieving the grade.

The trend to look for fibers and ingredients that are natural and minimally chemically treated certainly has its origin in the food industry where Europe is leading the way in many green and natural initiatives. The EU has strict laws which ban the use of many products and foods such as genetically modified agricultural products. The increased demand for natural products can now also be observed in the US, especially on the West Coast. California is leading the way! Here consumers actively seek out products that get away from plastics and artificial fibers. The trend goes to natural cotton and even hemp. Europeans understand this and are now seeking out more items that say “Made in the USA”.

“If the outcry over the 2012 U.S. Summer Olympic uniforms, which were made in China, is any indicator, expectations are that the successful fashions will carry a little label that says: Made in the USA for various reasons,” says Helga Elli Thomas, president of HET Communications, a PR firm actively engaged in promoting American made products abroad. “Now more than ever, consumers, particularly in Europe will look at the label inside a garment to find out where the product is actually made and will often times put it back on the rack if it says ‘Made in China’. Europeans pride themselves in their fashion sense and fashion forward boutiques seeking out the latest trends will often times look across the Atlantic, especially to New York and Los Angeles to find the new, the hot item made with natural fibers.”

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