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University Book Store Launches An In-Store Textbook Rental Program At Four Campus Locations

September 21, 2012

SEATTLE, Sept. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – University Book Store today announced the launch of an in-store textbook rental service at its U District, Tacoma, Bothell, and Health Sciences locations.

“A central element of University Book Store’s mission is helping students save money on their course materials,” explains Bryan Pearce, University Book Store’s Chief Executive Officer. “This new in-store textbook rental program perfectly complements our online rental program, which has been available for two years now. Students can also compare our prices with a number of online retailers and check textbook buyback prices at ubookstore.com.”

University Book Store anticipates that about 50% of their textbook offering will be available to rent at the Bothell and Tacoma locations; about 40% will be available at the U District Store. The cost to rent will be between 35% and 55% of the price of a new textbook.

Interested students should visit one of the campus stores to find out which titles are being offered for rent. The initial rental period is 90 days and can be extended for periods starting at 10 days. Once a student no longer needs a textbook, it can be returned to one of the participating campus locations or mailed in without incurring any shipping costs. Neither online nor in-store rentals are eligible for the University Book Store Customer Rebate.

To further assist students looking for the best deals on their course materials, University Book Store is offering its online multi-retailer textbook price comparison tool for the second year in a row. It provides students with real-time single search access to University Book Store’s pricing on new, used, digital, and rental textbooks, as well as up-to-date pricing from other online retailers including Amazon, Half.com, Barnes & Noble, Alibris and AbeBooks. “We received significantly positive response from our student customers last year. They love this resource and the savings are substantial,” notes Bryan Pearce. The tool can be accessed by going to http://uw-seattle.verbacompare.com.

For additional information on in-store textbook rentals visit one of the participating stores. To learn more about renting textbooks online, please visit http://rent.ubookstore.com/ or to learn about University Book Store’s Textbook Buyback program, go to http://www.bookstore.washington.edu/student_faculty.

About University Book Store

Founded in 1900, University Book Store is the largest and most respected independent bookstore in Washington State, and is also the nation’s largest college store based on total sales of books and student supplies. University Book Store carries an impressive selection of more than 160,000 new and used book titles, along with a varied merchandise mix that includes school, art and office supplies, University of Washington (UW) insignia products, gifts and technology products. Since 1964, University Book Store has been organized as a corporate trust to benefit UW students, faculty, staff and alumni. All profits not required for store operations or growth are returned to the UW community through an annual UW Customer Rebate, lower textbook prices, discounts, scholarships and other benefits. Nine stores currently operate throughout the Puget Sound area. For more information, visit www.ubookstore.com.

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