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Majority of UK Households Vote in Favour of Television Gambling

September 24, 2012

LONDON, September 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

A recent survey conducted by Right Casino Media, one of the UK’s leading online casino
authorities, has shown that 23% of UK householders believe that gambling through
television should be made illegal, whilst 49% are indifferent and 28% are in favour.

The survey, completed by 1000 randomised UK householders, intended to gauge the public
reaction to casinos being more prominent on mainstream television due to the popularity of
live roulette games. This includes SuperCasino and Jackpot247 who have a dedicated Sky
Channel as well as listings on ITV1 and Channel Five.

23% of UK householders selected the ‘TV gambling should be made illegal option’ and
expressed their displeasure at the easy access and availability of the channels. Mary
Orlan from Cumbria remarked: “Gambling isn’t the same as other lowbrow past times, it
ruins lives and is destructive, not only for the person involved but their families. There
is enough temptation without mainstream television placing dedicated slots just to aid

Whilst 23% voted against casinos airing on television, 49% where unconcerned about the
recent rise of slots allocated. Kerry Thornton from Surrey commented: “You have the
ability to lock channels or certain programs with a passcode nowadays, so it really
doesn’t affect me or my children. Plus whenever I’ve seen it on it has been very late at
night, if you’re old enough to be up at that time you’re old enough to make your own legal

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the research was that 28% voted in favour of the
channels broadcasting live roulette on mainstream television. Dean from Essex stated: “I
don’t really use the channels myself, although I have a few friends that do. Regardless,
the shows are on very late at night and have measures to ensure under 18′s do not sign-up.
With today’s economy everyone is struggling, so if the TV channels need to branch out in
order to remain open and cater for the masses then I’ll support them.”

At present there are 3 UK casinos who broadcast on television, these are SuperCasino
(Sky862 and Channel Five), Jackpot247 (Sky862 and ITV1) and Smart Live Casino (Sky863).
You can view the full list and information on each here:


David Merry, the Director of Right Casino Media, the company who conducted the
research, commented on the findings: “We’re fully in support of all the gambling channels
on television providing they adhere to a strict code to ensure that only responsible
adults can play. The game of live roulette has proved a popular and entertaining pastime,
people shouldn’t victimise those who do gamble responsibly due to their own opinion – if
you don’t like it then I’d recommend not watching the channel.”



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