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Facebook Game Grumpy Goats Launches Partnership With The Billy Goat Chip Company

September 25, 2012

JERSEY CITY, N.J., Sept. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Verge Game Studios [www.VergeGames.com], the creators of the Facebook game Grumpy Goats [www.GrumpyGoats.com], and The Billy Goat Chip Company [www.BillyGoatSTL.com], a Missouri-based chip manufacturer, are pleased to announce an exclusive promotional partnership. The Billy Goat Chip Company will distribute brightly-colored game pieces in its Original and Kicker chips products this week. Game pieces will include a promotional code that consumers use to log onto Grumpy Goats via Facebook and receive 5,000 coins to advance their gaming score. Grumpy Goats is a fun and addictive Facebook game that pits virtuous Goats against devious Sheep using Goat Cannons to damage the Sheep’s defenses!

“Grumpy Goats and The Billy Goat Chip Company have a variety of branding similarities; this partnership is a great use of leveraging brand exposure through multi consumer engagement touch points. It’s smart exposure for both in-store and online branding,” said Robert Regular, president at Verge Game Studios. “For both companies, it’s all about bringing enjoyable experiences to your audience whether playing your favorite social game or snacking on your beloved potato chip – both are among the top pleasurable pastimes in America culture.”

The love affair with potato chips dates back to the summer of 1853 when Chef George Crum first served up the salty snack as a way to teach a picky patron a lesson but instead the thinly fried delicacy has grown to be an all American favorite. Fast forward to 2011 and the growing appetite for social games creates the backdrop for Grumpy Goats. Embracing the goat satire, grumpy goats and dopy-eyed sheep come to life in an epic battle that invites players to test their skill, as well as their wits. Grumpy Goats is set in a barnyard environment where players are introduced to the plight of a group of goats determined to regain their honor after callously being sheared by a flock of sheep.

Epic battles and hours of game play at hand can only lead to one thing – growling bellies. No man, woman, child, sheep or goat should go without the tasty rewards of a victory! Gamers and foodies rejoice for The Billy Goat Chips to save the day and keep hunger at bay.

Grumpy Goats is available on Facebook and is free to play: http://www.facebook.com/GrumpyGoats. Grumpy Goats partners with WorldVision to give goats to communities in need, click here to find out more: WorldVision.org

The Billy Goat Chip Company offers online shopping including Snack, Gift and Family sized bags. You can purchase directly from The Billy Goat Chip Company site: http://billygoatstl.com/shop

About Verge Games
Verge Games [www.VergeGames.com] is a design studio that creates custom casual online and social media games, offering a more user friendly social gaming platform. Verge Games offers games at all levels of complexity regardless of age or gender in both single and multi-player forms. Founded in 2011, Verge is rapidly becoming a powerful player in the field. For more information, visit www.VergeGames.com.

For more information on Grumpy Goats, please visit: http://www.grumpygoats.com

About Billy Goat Chips

The Billy Goat Chip Company is committed to crafting a hand selected, sliced, seasoned and packaged potato chip of only the highest quality for the uncompromising consumer. We use the choicest Russet potatoes, heart healthy canola oil, and all natural ingredients. Our chips are Gluten Free, MSG Free, Preservative Free, and Kosher Certified. We utilize a hands-on, small batch method in our cooking and packaging process to insure that only the finest chips make it into our bags. Try our perfectly seasoned Original or spicy Kicker flavor today. Enjoy the dedication.

Visit us at www.billygoatstl.com to place an order or view our locations map to see if you have a retail location near you.


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