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Prince Harry Does Las Vegas a Favour as Interest in Sin City Rebounds, Report Belle Rock Entertainment

September 28, 2012

LONDON, September 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Prince Harry’s holiday antics spark new interest in Sin City

As Prince Harry tries to put his recent Las Vegas frolics behind him, Sin City is
revelling in a boost in tourist interest. The casinos on the strip have been facing off
competition from online casinos around the world such as
http://www.bellerockentertainment.com, which offers a real-world casino experience to
UK citizens without the expense of flights to Vegas. Additionally, within the US, other
gambling options, a tough economy and reservation casinos have been prizing valuable
gambling dollars away from the Nevada city. Spending in Las Vegas was down in 2011. The
average gamblers budget in 2006 was $652 compared the more revised figure of $447 last

But, thanks to Prince Harry’s recent frolics, Vegas is receiving more exposure – not
for its casinos but for its entertainment away from the gambling floors. From nightclubs
to restaurants and swanky hotel rooms complete with pool tables and bowling alleys Vegas
is known for its excesses. But many see these as a side attraction to the casinos, the
raisons d’etres for Las Vegas. Now however, Las Vegas is trying to become a destination in
its own right.

According to Bloomberg, Las Vegas casinos are spending lavishly on upgrading rooms,
pools, bars and restaurants in order to become the ‘greatest party city in the world’.
Some casinos are spending many billions on transforming their non-gambling entertainments.
The importance of the ‘other side’ of Vegas can be seen in revenues. Spending on eating,
shows and shopping accounted for 62% of the Strip’s $14.5 billion revenue in 2011, an
increase of more than 20 percentage points in less than 30 years.

But it’s the party scene that Las Vegas now wants to cultivate and market on a wider
scale. Sin City has always been a popular choice for stag dos and male-dominated parties,
but after Prince Harry’s partying with several females, the local tourist board now wants
to expand its reach to women. With luxury shopping, affordable hotel rooms and the best
nightclubs in the US, Las Vegas is well positioned to shift its marketing focus.


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