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October 1, 2012

HELSINKI, Finland, October 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Finland based Holiday Club will build Angry Birds(TM) Activity Parks in connection
with three of its spa hotels. The first year-round indoor activity park will be completed
in Kuusamon Tropiikki for Christmas 2012. In February the Angry Birds will land in
Saariselka and next autumn in Saimaa, in Lappeenranta. The largest Angry Birds Activity
Park investment in Finland is a display of the creative cooperation of the market leaders
of their own fields, Rovio, Holiday Club and Lappset.

“The development of Finnish travel should concentrate on the content. Often the
concentration is on the walls and beds, from which there already is oversupply”, says Vesa
Tengman, the CEO of Holiday Club Resorts Oy and continues: “Active holiday is at the
center in Holiday Club. Angry Birds Activity Parks will complement our concept, which
offers besides high quality holiday accommodation and services also year-round activity
possibilities under one roof.”

Another challenge of Finnish travel is internationalization: “Compared to the supply,
there are simply too few Finns. We need more travelers besides from the neighboring areas
Russia, Sweden and Norway also from the Central Europe and Asia such as China and Japan.
Currently we are able, by using only Finnish power, to produce experiences, which attract
not only local but also international travelers”, emphasizes Mr. Tengman.

Thanks to the success of Rovio, Holiday Club believes to increase the amount of its
international customers. Especially in Saimaa and seasonally in Kuusamo as well the amount
of Russian travelers is already significant. In Saariselka holidaymakers arrive from
Norway and Russian and also from the Central Europe. Whole new international clientele is
expected now also from China, for example.

“We are glad, that the internationalization through our brand happens two-way. The
investments of Holiday Club will increase the stream of travelers to Finland. It is also
great that the world conquest of the Angry Birds Activity Parks will start from Finland,
the home land of the birds”, states Peter Vesterbacka, the Chief Marketing Officer of
Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

“For Lappset the investment of Holiday Club is the largest domestic order so far. It
will employ us and our subcontractors significantly during the end of autumn and in early
winter. In this investment project we will operate as the contractor in full, from the
planning to the execution. This will confirm the company’s position as a supplier of large
entities”, says Tero Ylinenpaa, the Deputy CEO of Lappset Group Ltd.

All three operators are also involved in the largest year-round activity park, which
is currently under construction in Vuokatti. The indoor park which will be built in a
8,700-square-metre industrial estate will include besides the Angry Birds themed section
also a diverse sports world, where visitors can try out different sports, and a freestyle
area suitable for skateboarding and BMX biking. The indoor activity park further increases
the year-round service offering that Vuokatti provides for families. It will confirm
Vuokatti’s position as an attractive and versatile resort in both domestic and
international tourism market. The Angry Birds Park in Vuokatti is will be completed in
December this year.

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Information about the companies:

Rovio Entertainment Ltd is an industry-changing entertainment media company
headquartered in Finland, and the creator of the globally successful Angry Birds
franchise. Angry Birds, a casual puzzle game, became an international phenomenon within a
few months of its release, and is now the number one paid app of all time. Angry Birds
have expanded rapidly in entertainment, publishing, and licensing to become a beloved
international brand. Following this success, Rovio published Amazing Alex and Bad Piggies.
For more information, check www [http://www.rovio.com ] . [http://www.rovio.com ] rovio
[http://www.rovio.com ] . [http://www.rovio.com ] com [http://www.rovio.com ]

Holiday Club Resorts Oy is the leading weekly timeshare company in Europe and a
significant operator in the fields of holiday housing and tourism. The company is owned by
the acting management, Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company, Finnish Industry Investment
Ltd and a group of Finnish private investors. Holiday Club Resorts Oy has 32 resorts and
1,300 holiday homes. Seven of the resorts feature not only holiday homes but also a spa
hotel. Nine resorts are located outside Finland, in Sweden, on the Costa del Sol in Spain
and in the Canary Islands. In addition to the Holiday Club Saimaa built in Rauha,
Lappeenranta, Holiday Club acquired the spa hotel in Yllas Saaga in December 2011. During
the financial year 2011-2012, the group recorded a turnover of EUR121 million and employed
773 people. For more information http://www.holidayclubresorts.com

Lappset Group Ltd from Rovaniemi, Finland is one of the leading playground and
exercise equipment producers in Europe. Besides playground equipment for children of
different ages the company’s product portfolio also includes equipment that activates to
exercise for people of all ages. For example parkour parks for teenagers, outdoor exercise
equipment for adults and Senior Sport outdoor exercise products to support everyday
welfare for especially elderly people. Lappset is currently the only supplier of Angry
Birds Activity Parks in the world. During the year 2011, the group recorded a turnover of
EUR46,5 million and it employs approximately 400 people in seven countries. All Angry
Birds Activity Parks and other playground equipment manufactured by Lappset are produced
in the Rovaniemi factory. For more information http://www.lappset.com

SOURCE Lappset Group Ltd

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