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Now on J-Source: OpenFile suspends publication; Courts’ technology lagging; Role of social media editors

October 3, 2012

TORONTO, Oct. 3, 2012 /CNW/ -


OpenFile suspends publication to prepare for upcoming changes
OpenFile announced it has temporarily suspended publication of its six
city editions, leaving questions about the future of the news
organization and its editors, curators and reporters. Eric Mark Do explains what happened, OpenFile’s business model and hints at changes
to come for the online news start-up.
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Social media editors in Canadian newsrooms describe integration, unique

What is the role of a social media editor inside a news organization?
New research by University of King’s College online journalism
professor Tim Currie sheds some light on the level of integration that Canadian social media
editors have in their respective newsrooms, the unique challenges that
face them and how they position themselves with their audiences.
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Court reporting has advanced. The courts themselves? Not so much
Reporters now have any variety of new technologies at their fingertips
when reporting from the courts, but when it comes to the court process
itself, they find themselves fighting the same old battles for
exhibits, seats and access to lawyers and judges. Eric Mark Do reports from a panel discussion on court reporting held at Ryerson
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Students’ Lounge
In media we trust
When the police want your photographs, should you comply? Jared Gnam looks at the ethical and legal issues surrounding a recent court order
that saw six news organizations hand over their photographs and video
to police to aid in the investigation of the 2011 Vancouver riot for
the Langara Journalism Review.
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Wentegate: A roundup of the coverage and commentary
We’ve continued to follow the Margaret Wente plagiarism story and have
updated our roundup accordingly. You can find the latest coverage as
compiled by Belinda Alzner here.
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had mistakenly entered wrong category

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If Wente had been an intern, that would have been the end of her career.
Newsrooms are sending a strong message to young reporters. Stay in the
same job for long enough and you can get away with anything.

Reader: Maria Assaf
Article: Plagiarism is only as wrong as we make it

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