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Gamesys: Jackpotjoy Reveals: Brits are in a Laughter Recession!

October 5, 2012

LONDON, October 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

New independent research commissioned by leading entertainment website Jackpotjoy.com
[http://bingo.jackpotjoy.com ], reveals that Brits are experiencing a ‘laughter
recession’. In the last 60 years 2010 has been voted the least fun decade. This is why
Jackpotjoy launches its new GBP250,000 FUNdation that will grant FUNds to daft ideas
submitted by the public to make the UK laugh more!

According to the researchers, the amount Brits laugh on an average day is only 7.2
times. This is more than half the amount that psychologists have benchmarked we should at
15 times a day, dropping from the 300-400 mark as a child. People in Leeds were revealed
to have the highest daily laughter quota of 8.7 times a day, followed by Plymouth (8.6
times a day) and Newcastle (8.5 times a day)! People Norwich were shown to be laughing the
least at 5.4 times a day, nearly three times less than the recommended daily dose,
followed by Brighton (6.1 times a day) and Glasgow (6.2 times a day).

A staggering 66% of Brits claimed they were in desperate need of more fun in their
lives with lack of money (55%) and the spate of bad weather this summer (46%) cited as the
main factors for the lack of fun and laughter. Other obstacles to having enough fun
included work pressures (30%), family pressures (23%) and the end of the summer events
(Jubilee and Olympics) and Bank Holidays (20%).

Consultant psychologist, Anjula Mutanda M.A (ed), comments on the fun and laughter
deficit happening in the UK: ‘Psychological studies have found that children of pre-school
age may laugh as much as 300-400 times a day but that this frequency comes down to about
15 times when we grow up. Only 4% of people think the current decade is the most fun, are
quite shocking statistics.’

Patron of the Jackpotjoy FUNdation, Barbara Windsor, comments: ‘It can be really easy
to forget about having fun when dealing with all the pressures of everyday life but we all
know how good it feels to have a good old giggle or a proper belly laugh and that’s what
we’re aiming to do with the Jackpotjoy FUNdation.’

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