Could Adult Streaming Service SugarDVD Eventually Compete With Services like Netflix and Hulu?

October 5, 2012

New possible Netflix competitor originally from the adult industry making waves.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 05, 2012

Could Adult Streaming Service SugarDVD Eventually Compete With Netflix?

The end of Netflix´s contract with Epix has been making the news as both Amazon Instant Video and Hulu have picked up Epix content previously exclusive to Netflix. And after the company´s disastrous attempt to separate its DVD and streaming services and hike up its prices, Netflix is treading on thin ice as its stock continues to fall.

In spite of this, services like Amazon Instant, Hulu, and Netflix still remain the top providers of streaming content across the web. However, one thing that others do not have plans to offer is adult content. Other servies may have a handful of unrated films that show plenty of nudity (there are several articles across the web dedicated to listing the “most adult” movies on Netflix), but has no legitimate porn content and as such is not currently in direct competition with adult streaming services like SugarDVD. SugarDVD is currently the largest streaming provider of adult content, and has done particularly well attracting new Roku customers to its service lately.

Netflix as the master of internet streaming is unlikely to be directly compromised immediately, but the internet is a tool that makes it easy to fill niche markets. As online streaming services in general begin to share the same mainstream content (new releases and Hollywood blockbusters can increasingly be found on every streaming service), offering adult content makes SugarDVD unique. In the fall Sugar has plans to step into the mainstream streaming market by adding classic cult and horror films, like *Nosferatu* and *The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari*. These movies should attract new customers, and maybe even entice other streaming services’ customers to switch. Sugar will become a bigger part of consumer´s internet checklist — the place to watch porn, plus a particular selection of non-porn cult classics. If this mainstream strategy were developed further by adding new release Hollywood titles it may create a reason for people who also want adult content to switch from other streaming services.

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