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Non-speak week

October 11, 2012

TORONTO, Oct. 11, 2012 /CNW/ – Concerned at the deepening chill on
freedom of expression in Canada, PEN Canada today launched a week of
events, commentary and public discussion devoted to current national
freedom of expression challenges. Through partnerships with the
Canadian Science Writers Association, Citizen Lab at the University of
Toronto, and the Huffington Post, our inaugural Non-Speak Week (October
11 -17) will focus on the following national issues:

        --  digital freedom
        --  muzzling of publicly funded science
        --  access to information / freedom of information
        --  threats to charitable status
        --  libel chill
        --  freedom of assembly
        --  government attempts to defund critical voices

Members of the public are invited to the following events.

Monday October 15(th) – Freedom of Expression Online, Perspectives from Canada and the World
PEN Canada and the Citizen Lab examine freedom of expression and
censorship in the online world. How are writers, journalists, and
bloggers navigating online spaces? How are governments responding to
these changes? Where does Canada sit among its peers in maintaining a
free market for ideas and opinion?

The discussion will be moderated by Ronald Deibert | Director, The Canada Centre for Global Security Studies and the
Citizen Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto.

Luis Najera, Scotiabank/CJFE Journalism Fellow at Massey College and a Research
Fellow at Citizen Lab
Alejandro Pisanty, professor at UNAM, the National University of Mexico, former vice
Chair of the ICANN Board of Directors, and a member of the Working
Group on Internet Governance
Russell Smith, novelist, co-founder of the online men’s magazine DailyXY.com, and Globe and Mail culture columnist.

Wednesday October 17(th) – Sci-lenced
PEN Canada and the Canadian Science Writers Association (CSWA) will
consider the federal government’s recent actions to prevent government
scientists from speaking to the media.  What are the implications for
science and society when information isn’t shared openly?

The discussion will be moderated by Bruce Walsh, Board Member, PEN

Prof. L. D. Danny Harvey, Department of Geography, University of Toronto
Stephen Strauss, President of the Canadian Science Writers Association
Pippa Wysong, award-winning science, technology and medical journalist, and CSWA board

An exploration of these issues will also be taking place through a
series of articles, stories, and video, posted daily on each of the
seven identified issues at the Huffington Post Canada.  Contributors

Charlie Foran, President, PEN Canada
Trish Hennessy, Director, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Brian MacLeod Rogers, Media Lawyer
Pasha Malla, Award winning writer
Toby Mendel, Executive Director, Centre for Law and Democracy
Philip Slayton, Board Member, PEN Canada
Stephen Strauss, President, Canadian Science Writers Association


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