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Jose Canseco: Locker Room Talk, Going Broke and The Idiocy of Non-Steroid Users

October 15, 2012

HOUSTON, Oct. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — In his most recent videos with Steroid.com Jose Canseco goes into detail about what goes on in a pro locker room and admits the American pastime is not as squeaky-clean as some tend to believe.

“Women have been brought into the locker room for players. We used to have certain types of little rooms…on the side we used to have a porn room we used to call it…I think everyone’s had a woman brought back at one point or another.”

In episode 14 Canseco bashes non-steroid users stating they don’t have a clue as to what they’re talking about. He emphatically states many people expect impossible outcomes from steroid use, that there’s no superman effect. He goes on to explain that calling steroid users lazy is laughable:

“You have to put a lot of hard work behind it…steroid users are some of the healthiest, hard-working people out there.”

As far as Canseco can tell, when it comes to the steroid hysteria it all boils down to fear: “what you don’t understand you fear.” Episode 14 also has an added bonus as Jose tells the story of how a famous pop singer asked him to stop playing ball, leave his life and have kids with her.

In episode 15 he talks about going broke and dealing with the loss. Despite the massive fortune lost, Canseco says he’s much happier today. In fact, when he was at the top he was miserable and nearly took his life.

Claiming to owe the IRS more than $2 million dollars, what he refers to as “legal extortion” Jose seems content with his place in life and hopeful for the future. Holding no ill-will towards his ex-wives who ended up with a large chunk of his money, Jose seems to have a much better attitude than what’s often been implied.


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