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Thailand to Host its First Formula One Race in 2014, Reports Freedom Asia

October 15, 2012

LONDON, October 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Thailand will become the third South East Asian nation to hold a Formula One

race following Singapore and Malaysia

Thailand’s economy and tourism industry are set to get a boost from 2014, as the
country becomes the third South East Asian nation to host a Formula One race. A suitable
venue is yet to be decided however, with the existing track at the seaside resort of
Pattaya being ruled out. But according to Thai tourism officials, the race is likely to be
held at night in a similar set up to that of Singapore.

Tourism bosses expect the hosting of a Formula One race in 2014, as part of the World
Championships, will boost tourist numbers throughout the entire country as holidaymakers
look to combine a beach and rainforest break with sporting action on the track. Holidays
to Phuket [http://www.freedomasia.co.uk/destinations/thailand/regions/phuket ] and other
Thai Islands are sure to become even more attractive.

Freedom Asia, a specialist travel firm offering tailor made holidays to Asia, also
predicts interest in Thailand holidays will increase with the Formula One announcement.

The popular Asian nation is already among the most popular in the region. 2011 was a
great year for holidays Thailand [http://www.freedomasia.co.uk/destinations/thailand ].
Tourist numbers jumped by almost 20% compared to 2010 and numbers have been increasing
steadily since 2006, with just a minor reduction during the recession in 2009. Hosting a
Formula One race will really put Thailand on the map, making it attractive to other
sectors of the travel market.

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