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International Observers: Elections in Ukraine Were Fair and Transparent

October 29, 2012

KYIV, Ukraine, October 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

International observers recognized Ukraine’s parliamentary elections of October 28,
2012, as fair, transparent and democratic. The head of the European Parliament Observer
Mission in Ukraine MEP Pavel Kowal believes that the elections can stimulate the signing
of Ukraine-EU Association Agreement.

“We need a new impetus for the signing and ratification of the Association Agreement
[between Ukraine and the EU],” said Kowal, adding that the recent parliamentary elections
could become such a driving force. “I personally believe that Ukraine is a European
democracy,” he added. Kowal pointed out that cooperation between the government and
opposition forces, as well as involvement of new parties in the parliament will be of
outmost importance for Ukraine.

Parliamentary elections in Ukraine were fair, the voting process was organized more
efficiently than in a number of western countries, stated another European Parliamentarian
and the European Center for Geopolitical Analysis observer Daniel van der Stoep. The vote
demonstrated progress in Ukraine, he added. MEP and observer Vojtech Minar stated that
there were no mistakes recorded in the elections process and the vote took place in
accordance to the law. MEP and observer Nick Griffin made a similar statement: “The
election system [in Ukraine] was even more transparent and fair than the one of the United

Parliamentary elections in Ukraine were democratic, stated the Observation Mission of
the European Academy of Election Observation Chairman Thierry Mariani. He pointed out that
the mission noticed isolated cases of organizational and technical problems; however,
there were no systematic violations. All the 56 parliamentarians and experts from 14
European countries, members of the Observation Mission, anonymously approved the mission’s
report. A number of international non-governmental organizations such as CIS-EMO, For Fair
Elections, ICES, etc. voiced similar observations.

On the other hand, the Mission of Civil Society spokesman Markus Meckel stated, that
the administrative resources were significantly abused at the parliamentary elections in
Ukraine. The mission’s report also highlighted the “controversial” trial and imprisonment
of the opposition leaders, namely Ukraine’s Ex-prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, which
harmed the electoral process.

Full reports of the most of the observation mission will be available starting October
30, 2012. The Central Election Committee of Ukraine will announce official results by
November 12th or earlier.

SOURCE State Committee for television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine

Source: PR Newswire