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Thar be Dragons! (Oh, Actually it’s a Newt)

November 5, 2012

LONDON, November 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Froglife (http://froglife.org), the UK’s dedicated amphibian and reptile charity has
asked Incentivated to create “The Dragon Finder” – a smartphone app which will allow
people to identify amphibian and reptile species within the UK, record their sightings and
find out more about individual species.

Based upon Froglife’s existing database, the app – which will initially be available
on iOS and Android devices, along with a mobile website – will provide users with useful
species information, and allow people to submit a finding form which will include the name
of the species (which can be automatically determined through a comparison page) location
data and for app users to upload a photo of the animal, which will help researchers at the
charity to re-confirm the identity of the animal identified.

The app is part of a new Froglife Trust project called Dragon Finder which has been
funded by a GBP472,500 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). The project will enable
the amphibian and reptile charity to help people find, identify and map these tiny dragons
in London. The four and half year scheme will involve thousands of local people and see
volunteers recording newts, lizards and snakes in the city, improving habitats for them
and celebrating these secretive animals.

Being able to identify a little dragon at the point it has been spotted, rather than
having to wait until you get back home to log on to a website, by which time the details
may be a bit ‘hazy’ is seen as important in increasing the accuracy of our knowledge of
the populations of these species..

Victoria Ogilvy, Froglife: “There are very few school children today who take part in
species recording. We believe providing access through the use of new technologies will
encourage more young people to take part, which is vital for maintaining a population of
recorders throughout the generations. By using mobile technology people are more likely to
upload their data because this can be done on the spot – even in remote areas – and mobile
location technology, such as GPS, can allow highly accurate mapping of sightings as well.”

Jason Cross, Marketing Director, Incentivated: “This is a great way for a small
charity to use mobile as a way of connecting and engaging with younger people. By creating
a service that takes advantage of the inherent strengths of mobile, this is a clear
example of using Lottery funding to provide a service that supports the core needs of the
charity, rather than creating an app for the sake of having an app.

The fact that it’s always on you, has accurate location technology, and can access and
bring to life complicated information for people of all ages in a simple way, allows
mobile to be a useful tool as we increase our overall knowledge about the UK’s native

About Froglife

Froglife (http://www.froglife.org) is a national wildlife charity dedicated to the
conservation of the UK’s amphibians and reptiles – frogs, toads, newts, snakes and lizards
- and the habitats on which they depend.

Since 1989 Froglife has been at the heart of efforts to conserve native amphibians and
reptiles. Throughout this time we have initiated a number of national and regional
projects, and remained a central voice for public advice on issues surrounding reptile and
amphibian conservation. Froglife’s work falls into three strands: on the ground
conservation, environmental education and communication (the provision of

About the Heritage Lottery Fund

Using money raised through the National Lottery, the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF)
sustains and transforms a wide range of heritage for present and future generations to
take part in, learn from and enjoy. From museums, parks and historic places to
archaeology, natural environment and cultural traditions, we invest in every part of our
diverse heritage. HLF has supported over 30,000 projects, allocating GBP4.9billion across
the UK including GBP932million to projects in London alone.


About Incentivated Ltd

Incentivated (incentivated.com) is an independent technology company with 10 years’
experience operating exclusively in the mobile marketing services sector.

We help our international client base engage with their customers by designing,
developing and delivering integrated acquisition, retention (CRM) and transaction
(mCommerce) campaigns and services for mobile.

Our proprietary technology and specialist staff are well positio ned to help brands,
the public sector and charities to develop everything from enterprise messaging (SMS &
MMS) through mobile internet sites, to server side software or handset applications,
including web-apps, for ‘smartphones’ and feature-phones.

We also provide strategic, creative and technical advice for the use of mobile by
businesses to raise awareness, deliver marketing ROI and provide customer service, as well
as other managed services


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