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Men’s Health Announces India’s Fittest Men in 2012

November 7, 2012

NEW DELHI, India, November 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

From Fat to Fit, Hrithik Roshan tops the list

Men’s Health magazine’s coveted list of 2012′s Fittest Men is out this month, and you
haven’t made the cut… yet. But there is enough in it for you to emulate and be ready in
time for the next year’s list.

The 6th anniversary special issue of the magazine features seven of India’s fittest
men, led by never-before-seen ‘fat’ pictures of Bollywood superhero Hrithik Roshan, along
with an Olympic bronze medal-winner and one of India’s most promising fashion designers, a
journalist with eight-packs, a 42-year-old Bollywood film director and an anti-hero who’s
making waves in the Hindi film industry.

The piece de resistance of the issue, however, is Hrithik Roshan and his superhuman
dedication fitness. In a script that has blockbuster written all over it, the special
package is led by a picture of H.Ro sporting an unheard of 36.5 inch waist, flabby arms,
struggling with a double slipped disc, torn rotator cuffs, arthritic knees and scoliosis,
following a freak accident. Undeterred by the sniggers coming his way, H.Ro allowed his
‘fat’ picture to be used in an ad for an international publication, and worked hard to get
back in shape in just four weeks to reclaim his top-drawer status in the Bollywood scheme
of things.

Says Jamal Shaikh, editorial director of Men’s Health, “Fitness as we define at Men’s
Health isn’t just about how much you can lift, how fast you can sprint etc. It is also
about what you do with the body you build, the people you inspire and the legacy you leave
behind. And Hrithik Roshan is a role-model we all can look up to.”

The power-packed November issue is not just about what you can lift or the speed at
which you sprint. It is also about reclaiming your ’6-pack Identity’. Consider this. The
Olympian credits his victory to a strict vegetarian diet confined to dal, chapatti, fruits
and buffalo milk. Add a dedicated, disciplined workout regime to this, he says, and you
have the recipe for success. “The strongest animal on land is vegetarian,” he says, to
dispel doubts that vegetarian athletes are weaker than their non-vegetarian counterparts.
The 14-page special section has everything you need to do to upgrade your life, from tips
on sex to fitness to grooming and styling.

For this and much more, go grab a copy of the November issue of the magazine.

You could also download a digital copy of the magazine which can be read on tablets
and smartphones. Visit http://www.menshealthindia.com/digitalmagazine to know more
about the digital editions.

Men’s Health is India’s largest-selling men’s magazine, and was launched in the
country by The India Today Group in 2006. Internationally, it is the world’s largest
magazine in the men’s category as well. Along with its focus on the core topics of health,
fitness and nutrition, Men’s Health embodies the feel of a true lifestyle magazine with
sections on fashion, grooming, adventure, work, managing relationships and a surplus of
other ‘guy’ topics.

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