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“The Mountie” Canadian Actor and Stunt Performer takes lead Villain role in “Transporter” TV series

November 8, 2012

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Andrey Ivchenko, one of the premiere stunt actors in Hollywood, starred
as the lead villain “Rolf” in the episode “Dead Drop/Plan B” of
Cinemax’s new hit series “The Transporter.”

Ivchenko went head-to-head with “Dexter” and “Prison Break” actor Chris
Vance, who plays “Frank Martin,” the transporter. Television veteran
and Gemini nominated T.J. Scott directed Season one episode four for
the series, which broadcast Nov. 1.

Ivchenko, who’s trained with world famous martial arts master Goran
Stjepanovic, said the climatic fight scene where he squares off with
Vance took 10 hours to shoot. “It was very challenging,” he said. “I
got my butt kicked and I had to fall down hundreds of times.”

The show is based on the hit Jason Statham film franchise about an
ex-Special Forces operator who now makes a living as a
take-no-prisoners transporter of goods.

Prior to “The Transporter” Ivchenko gained traction as a burgeoning
talent to watch for his specialty and mastery within the action film

He starred in the Wyeth Clarkson Western feature “The Mountie” and has
appeared on TNT’s “Falling Skies” and the CW’s “Nikita.”

Brian Jagersky, a veteran actor and stunt man with film credits
including “Immortals,” “Outlander,” “16 Blocks” and “Cinderella Man,”
worked with Ivchenko on “Nikita.”

“Mr. Ivchenko is a rare combination of physical ability and emotional
accessibility,” he said. “His work on set required an extremely
methodical and dedicated approach to training, a regiment that Mr.
Ivchenko excelled at as he proved his ability to quickly master
extremely demanding, complex stunts.”

Ivchenko acted on an upcoming episode of “XII: The Series” under the
guidance of acclaimed stunt coordinator John Stead (The Incredible
Hulk, Red, Total Recall).

“There was a challenging instance where Andrey had to shoot, carry and
walk with a cumbersome RPG machine gun – a weapon that’s difficult to
wield even for someone with Andrey’s potent strength and athleticism,”
said Stead. “Without a hitch, Andrey maneuvered the gun from his arms
to up on his shoulders. The different shooting angles were pleasing for
the audience.”

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